HOUSTON – A Harris County firm is suing to force an arbitration hearing in connection with some structured settlement insurance payments it claims it was owed to it from a life insurance policy.

RSL Funding LLC, RSL-5 B-IL and RSL Special-IV, Limited Partnership filed a lawsuit Dec. 30 against Dennis H. Nash in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas demanding an arbitration hearing.

According to the lawsuit, RSL entered into three separate financial transactions with Nash, wherein RSL sought to acquire his right to receive future structure settlement payments. RSL entered into all three contracts to purchase the assigned payments from Nash due him from Aurora National Life Assurance Co. According to the lawsuit, the transaction order/transfer orders were approved by the Superior Court of Upson County, Georgia.

Despite the aforementioned transfer orders, according to the lawsuit, an attorney for Nash contacted RSL claiming that Nash now believes that one or more of the transfers were unfair and the respective transfer orders should be dissolved or vacated.

The plaintiffs are represented by attorney L. Andy Paredes of Houston.

Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas Court Case number 4:15-cv-03754

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