SHERMAN — A Broadstone Vista Ridge tenant is suing the housing corporation, alleging it discriminated against her for having a mental disorder and failed to provide adequate housing.

Karen Ritter filed a lawsuit Dec. 28 in the Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas against Sueba USA Corporation, doing business as Broadstone Vista Ridge, Southampton Management Inc., Hoover Slovak LLP, and Hal Wolff, alleging violation of the Fair Housing Act, constructive fraud, statutory fraud, constructive eviction, DTPA violations, and discrimination.

According to the complaint, Ritter signed a lease with Broadstone Vista Ridge on May 7, 2012. During her time living in the rented unit, the defendant had contracted with a third party landscaping company, that regularly used a leaf blower to remove debris from their work, which collected in the breezeway directly in front of Ritter's unit.

The plaintiff alleges she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and was compelled by her condition to follow behind the landscapers and spray off the debris with a hose, then use beach towels to sop up the water until dry. On Jan. 30, 3015, the suit says, an on-site manager informed Ritter that someone from corporate disliked her washing her breezeway, and the plaintiff supplied a letter stating her disorder to settle the issue.

The plaintiff says she provided a letter the next month but was told it was inadequate. Ritter subsequently filed a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development Federal Housing Administration.

Ritter seeks an establishment of policies against discrimination, compensatory and punitive damages, notification of tenants’ rights under the Fair Housing Act, exemplary damages, attorney fees, costs and a trial by jury. She is represented by attorney Michael J. Hindman of Hindman/Bynum PC in Dallas.

Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas Case number 4:15-cv-00870

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