Oil and natural gas, parts for automated data processing machines, planes and aircraft engines, processors and controllers, integrated circuits, etc. – these are some of the highly valued products Texas makes and exports to the nation and the world every year, helping to keep our economy humming and giving us good reasons to be proud of our state.

Texas has some other exports, though, that do not reflect well on us or fill us with justifiable pride.

Storm chasing, ambulance chasing, negligent representation, improper fees, etc. – these are some of the shoddy services that Texas attorney Bill Voss is offering for export, according to suits filed against the Voss firm.

A class action suit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean County – Law Division accuses the Voss firm of “conspir[ing] to collect from the persons they represented in insurance claims related to Hurricane Sandy improper referral fees commonly referred to as fees paid to ‘runners.’”

Voss is also accused of negligently mishandling the claims he acquired through barratry, leaving litigants in the lurch.

In partnership with a New Jersey firm, Voss brought more than 250 actions against insurers for property damage allegedly caused by the 2012 superstorm.

One of his clients is in court seeking to reinstate the case she claims was dismissed without her knowledge.

“According to Plaintiff, the Texas-based Voss Law Firm ‘aggressively marketed’ to Superstorm Sandy victims including Plaintiff,” reads the court’s filing on her motion. “As a result, the Voss Law Firm was retained by hundreds of people in New Jersey…. Plaintiff contends that hundreds of lawsuits filed by the Voss Law Firm … have been dismissed on procedural grounds such as failing to serve complaints, failing to prosecute claims, and failing to answer discovery.

“At least one court in this district imposed sanctions on the Voss Law Firm … for their neglectful representation in a Sandy lawsuit,” it was alleged.

Voss's services are not being received well outside of our state - not much better within. Maybe it's time for him to stop offering them.

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