Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas

By John Suayan | Mar 21, 2016


March 17

Verify Smart Corp. v. Twitter, Inc. 2:16-cv-00235-JRG

Verify Smart Corp. v. USAA 2:16-cv-00236-JRG

Verify Smart Corp. v., Inc. 2:16-cv-00237-JRG

Verify Smart Corp. v. Dropbox, Inc. 2:16-cv-00238-JRG

Verify Smart Corp. v. Basecamp, Inc. 2:16-cv-00239-JRG

Nevada-based Verify is the plaintiff.

It is pursuing legal action in response to alleged infringement of United States Patent Number 8,285,648.

Per recent court documents, the ‘648 patent, which was issued on Oct. 9, 2012 to Dan Scammell for an invention entitled “System and Method for Verifying a User's Identity In Electronic Transactions,” is directed to novel systems and methods of verifying the identity of consumers initiating electronic transactions to provide enhanced security for such transactions.

Verify seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Jean-Marc Zimmerman of the law firm Zimmerman, Weiser & Paray LLP in Westfield, NY serves as the complainant’s counsel.


March 18

Uniloc USA, Inc. et al v. Facebook, Inc. 6:16-cv-00223

Uniloc USA, Inc. et al v. Viber Media S.a.r.l. 6:16-cv-00224

Uniloc USA, Inc. et al v. WhatsApp Inc. 6:16-cv-00225

Uniloc is the plaintiff.

The company lays claim to U.S. Patent No. 8,571,194, entitled “System and Method for in Initiating a Conference Call,” as well as asserts exclusive licensee rights of the patent in question.

It seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorneys Craig Tadlock and Keith Smiley of the Tadlock Law Firm, PLLC in Plano serve as Uniloc’s counsel.

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