Superior Builders, LLC recently initiated legal action against Legoland Discovery Centre (Dallas), LLC in an effort to recover back payments totaling $175,850.24, per Tarrant County court records.

The plaintiff in its lawsuit state that the funds in question are for its services in connection with the construction of a “splash pad” next to the exterior of LDC’s property in Grapevine and a 1,000-sq ft. addition containing a pump room, dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

“Legoland contracted with Vortex USA, Inc., who was not a licensed plumber or electrician and who failed to obtain a permit for its work, to serve as the ‘superintendent’ and pseudo general contractor for the construction of the actual splash pad,” court papers explain. “Legoland also retained the plaintiff to serve as the ‘superintendent’ and pseudo general contractor for the construction of the 1,000 square foot addition and concrete surrounding the splash pad.”

Kevin Spence, vice president of business development for Vortex USA, issued the following statement:

"Vortex USA Inc is not named in this suit because we had no contractual relationship with Superior. In addition the claims Superior lists in their court document are inaccurate. Vortex USA Inc did use licensed plumbers and electricians and pulled all proper permits and passed all required inspections. This issue is between Superior and Lego and has no relationship to Vortex USA Inc other than we both worked on the same job site."

According to the complainant, it performed work in accordance to revised completed plans and specifications for the project but did not receive payments on time. The parties reportedly entered into a letter agreement to address Superior Builders’ claims.

LDC failed to meet the obligations of the three-prong contract dated Sept. 12, 2014 therefore causing the plaintiff to be denied a Certificate of Occupancy and the final approval from the City of Grapevine, the suit says.

It also names as defendants subcontractors Aeroflow, Strategic, Sunbelt, H&H, Castle Rock, R&S, Love, and Williams in response to allegations of defective work within the plaintiff’s scope.

Attorneys Haven Massey and Robert M. Lovein of the law firm Lovein | Ribman, P.C. in Southlake serve as Superior Builders’ counsel.

Tarrant County 342nd District Court Case No. 342-275920-14

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