A La Marque banquet hall and its owner are facing a lawsuit over an alleged shooting last month that claimed the life of a show attendee.

In court documents filed May 12 in Galveston County 405th District Court, La Marque resident Lashendrea Lartigue pins responsibility for son Malik La’var Lartigue-Pratt’s death from a gunshot wound to the head on Shelton New Beginnings, LLC; namesake proprietor Edwin Shelton; and Nicholas McGill, the decedent’s acquaintance.

Lartigue-Pratt and McGill were at the New Beginnings venue for an event called “The Cookie Snow Show” the night of April 10. The suit explains that the show “featured two competing and potentially violent rap music groups whose members are believed to be prominent in local street gang activity,” purporting that the groups’ presence led to a fight.

“An altercation inside New Beginnings caused Pratt to exit the building,” the original petition says.

“The altercation then spilled out into the adjacent parking area where patrons from rival groups fired several gunshots.”

The complaint further asserts that Lartigue-Pratt was a passenger in the rear passenger side of McGill’s vehicle when he was struck with a bullet. McGill subsequently took the victim to Mainland Medical Center in nearby Texas City.

Following an initial evaluation, Lartigue-Pratt was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital in Webster via Life Flight. He succumbed to his wounds on April 14.

“Shelton and New Beginnings had reason to know and did know the substantial potential for violence at the event they planned, sponsored and promoted,” the suit says.

“Based on information and belief, McGill had reason to know and did know the potential for violence at the event he and his friends attended, and did willingly have weapons in his vehicle.”

Consequently, Lartigue-Pratt’s estate seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Cris A. Rasco of the Rasco Law Firm in Texas City is representing the plaintiff.

Galveston County 405th District Court Case No. 16-CV-0574

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