Attorney sues Law Offices of Gilbert T. Adams, seeks $5M punitive award and TRO to save father’s desk

By David Yates | May 16, 2016

A former attorney at the Law Offices of Gilbert T.

A former attorney at the Law Offices of Gilbert T. Adams is suing the firm, seeking an award of punitive damages totaling up to $5 million and an injunction to save his father’s desk.

Alto V. Watson filed his petition for injunction against the firm, along with the Adams men who run it, on May 12 in Jefferson County District Court.

According to the petition, the complaint arises out of the defendants’ threats to destroy Watson’s desk, which has been in his family for 80 years and previously belonged to his father.

In his suit, Watson says he concluded a private matter with the firm on May 11. Minutes later, Gilbert T. Adams III sent an email to Watson requesting removal of the desk within two days or else it would be disposed of.

The email was included in the suit and states that Watson is not permitted on the premises and should send sufficient manpower to retrieve the desk.

A second email from Adams III was then sent hours later stating that Watson or his agents are not authorized to appear at the firm.

“While the sale value of the desk is (less) than ($100) dollars because of its age and condition, the value … to Watson is well over ($1 million),” the suit states. “And now some petulant spoiled child because his daddy got beat in a matter wants to punish Watson by destroying his (father’s) law desk.”

Watson seeks a temporary restraining order to stop the defendants from selling or destroying the desk.

He is also suing for his mental anguish and emotional distress, in addition to punitive damages “for the ill will malice and spite shown by the defendants in wanting to destroy what is in this town a historic desk worthy of museum enshrinement.”

Watson is representing himself.

Judge Kent Walston, 58th District Court, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. A-198474

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