A dream worth having

by The SE Texas Record |
Aug. 1, 2016, 3:16pm

Maybe you've had this dream.

You've spent your whole life watching the bad guys win too often and the good guys lose too often, and you just hope that you'll live long enough to see the tables turned and the creeps get what's deserved. You dream about that day and how satisfying it will be to see justice done.

Sure, sure, Judgment Day's coming and they'll have to answer for the bad they've done and the good they haven't done. But you're getting a little impatient waiting for the end of Time, you're wondering why it has to be this way, and you're wishing you could see some of these clowns get their comeuppances before you give up the ghost.

Then it actually happens. The dream becomes a reality and you see a person who's gotten away with stuff for years and finally go too far and get smacked down.

“Wow!” you gasp. “He's actually being held accountable for once.”

You think you're shocked? Imagine how he feels. He wasn't expecting it, either. He didn’t believe that he might someday be held to the same standard as everyone else. He played by his own set of rules because he was different, superior, special.

You're amazed that your dream actually came true and it feels really good at first, but then you might start to feel sorry for the offender whose karma broke down – but only briefly because, after all, he'd been asking for it.

Has someone been dreaming of somebody like Steve Mostyn? Is his luck running out?

This past month, State Farm Lloyds defeated three more of Mostyn’s hail claims. At a hearing two months earlier, he was asked to explain why he shouldn't be sanctioned for repeatedly bringing factually unsupported storm claims.

You might feel sorry for Steve...nevermind.

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