Whether you call it hypocrisy, audacity, or gall, there's plenty of it in politics.

The average person can sincerely object to the boorish sexual boasting that Donald Trump engaged in while unwittingly being recorded by a hot mic, but for Hillary Clinton to affect that she too is offended is a bit much.

In fact, it's more than a bit much, considering her husband Bill's notorious reputation for committing numerous sexual trysts over the course of decades and her role in covering them up and besmirching his victims.

Hillary also likes to complain about negative advertising, too, while being one of the most practiced practitioners of it.

And she likes to accuse her opponents of hate, an accusation that could be more accurately self-directed.

Still, with all her flaws, Hillary does seem to have tremendous appeal – at least to fellow hypocrites.

Steve Mostyn's wife, Amber, likes her well enough. Well enough to donate $400,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. That's in addition to the million-dollar donation her husband made to the Hillary-supporting super PAC Priorities USA Action in January.

This is the same Amber Mostyn who deplored the “inordinate” role that money and fundraising play in politics. Just six days before making her own hefty donation, Amber sat on a panel of big-money donors bemoaning Citizens United and promoting campaign finance reform (including public funding) at the Texas Tribune Festival.

Like Hillary said in one of those (closely-guarded but eventually leaked) high-paid speeches to corporate interests looking for favors, “you need both a public and a private position.” In other words, if you want to be a politician like her, you have to be two-faced.

Steve and Amber Mostyn have learned this lesson well. That's why they have two positions, too – one for themselves, and one for everyone else.

They can donate all the money they want to, to the candidates they support. The rest of us should be restricted.

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