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League City customer alleges construction company failed to finish work

By Carrie Bradon | May 28, 2019

GALVESTON — A Galveston County man is suing a construction company, alleging they never finished the work they were paid to do.

Bank alleges Dickinson chiropractic practice owes nearly $34,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

GALVESTON — A bank is suing a Dickinson chiropractic practice, alleging the plaintiff was not paid the nearly $34,000 it was owed.

Property owner alleges Texas City home was built negligently

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

GALVESTON — A Texas City woman is suing a homebuilder, alleging her home was built negligently with little attention to many important aspects.

Galveston couple alleges developer abandoned project after receiving $24,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 22, 2019

GALVESTON — A Galveston couple is suing a developer, alleging work on their home was abandoned after the defendant received payment.

Plastic manufacturer alleges lightsaber company owes $40,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 14, 2019

GALVESTON — A Canadian plastic manufacturer is suing a Galveston County client alleging the plaintiff was never paid for services delivered.

Roofing company alleges client failed to pay $21,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 13, 2019

GALVESTON — A roofing company is suing a Bacliff client, alleging it was not paid more than $21,000.

Cabinet company alleges customer owes more than $23,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 10, 2019

GALVESTON — A Galveston cabinet company is suing a client who has failed to pay more than $23,000 for the work the plaintiff finished.

Denver company alleges Houston energy business owes more than $600,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 9, 2019

HOUSTON — A Denver company is suing a Houston energy business, alleging it owes more than $600,000.

Galveston property owners allege restoration company failed to perform promised work

By Carrie Bradon | May 9, 2019

GALVESTON — Two Galveston property owners are suing a restoration company, alleging failure to perform work as outlined in a contract.

Information technology company alleges it is owed more than $83,000 by media business

By Carrie Bradon | May 8, 2019

HOUSTON — A information technology company is suing a business partner, alleging the plaintiff was not paid more than $83,000 for services delivered.

Limo company alleges former manager stole confidential information

By Carrie Bradon | May 6, 2019

HOUSTON — A Houston limousine company is suing its former manager, alleging he stole confidential information.

Subcontractor alleges company owes more than $9,000

By Carrie Bradon | May 2, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County man is suing a Montgomery County company that hired him as a subcontractor, alleging he was never paid for work he completed.

Bath company alleges employee breached no-compete agreement

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 29, 2019

HOUSTON — A Houston bath manufacturing company is suing a former employee, alleging he breached their no-compete agreement.

Technology company alleges employee alleging breached noncompete agreement

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 25, 2019

HOUSTON — A technology company is suing an employee, allegingshe breached a noncompete agreement by forming a competing company.

Bank of America alleges business has failed to pay off $150,000 loan

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 24, 2019

GALVESTON — Bank of America is suing clients, alleging failure to pay off pay off a $150,000 loan.

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