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Bayshore Medical Center, doctors named in suit over man's death from alleged medical procedure complications

By Carrie Bradon | May 17, 2019

HOUSTON – A Harris County woman alleges the negligence of two physicians and medical facilities led to the death of a patient shortly after a procedure.

Patient alleges negligent procedure caused her to suffer nerve injury

By Carrie Bradon | May 14, 2019

HOUSTON — A patient is suing a doctor, alleging she suffered a nerve injury due to a negligent procedure.

Patient alleges dental implants were defective

By Carrie Bradon | May 14, 2019

HOUSTON — A Brazoria County woman is suing a Houston dentist, alleging she paid for dental implants that broke and were defective.

Patient alleges doctor left piece of equipment in him after surgery

By Carrie Bradon | May 2, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County man is suing a doctor who allegedly left a piece of equipment in the plaintiff after surgery.

Patient alleges medical professionals caused his paralysis due to spinal surgery

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 29, 2019

GALEVESTON — A Galveston County man is suing a medical facility, alleging he was caused paralysis during spinal surgery.

Patient accuses breast surgeon of negligent care

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 25, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing a breast surgeon, alleging he was negligent in his care, resulting in the plaintiff suffering infections and pain.

Patient alleges fly landed on him during surgery, sues Kingwood Medical for $200K

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 12, 2019

HOUSTON — A patient is suing a Kingwood medical center, alleging a fly landed on his wound during surgery.

5 Things To Look For When Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney & How Brian Cummings Checks Each Box

By SE Texas Record Submission | Apr 12, 2019

It is a scenario few of us ever expect to face. You or a loved one suffered a serious injury at the hands of people you trust: your team of healthcare professionals.

Judge denies hospital's appeal against diabetic patient who suffered loss of toe

By Rich Peters | Apr 11, 2019

HOUSTON – A federal judge in the Texas First Court of Appeals has denied a hospital's appeal in the case of a diabetic woman who blames a medical facility, its doctors and staff for the loss of her toe.

Health care team accused of causing man's death

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 5, 2019

HOUSTON — A Cameron County woman is suing health care professionals, alleging a man was caused to die due to medical complications.

Patient alleges doctor's medical negligence nearly led to death

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 4, 2019

HOUSTON — A Montgomery County man is suing a Bellaire doctor, alleging repeated negligence nearly led to the plaintiff's death.

Mother alleges medical team negligently caused her baby to die

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 3, 2019

GALVESTON — A mother is suing a Galveston health care team, alleging they caused her baby to die due to medical negligence.

Houston hospital medical team accused of negligence in patient's death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 29, 2019

HOUSTON — An estate representative is suing a Houston hosptial medical team on behalf of his mother, who died alegedly due to the negligence of the team.

Brazoria County patient accuses Pearland medical practitioners of malpractice

By John Suayan | Mar 21, 2019

HOUSTON – John Seguin of Brazoria County has filed a medical malpractice suit against Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital and Dr. Rajan Kadakia, alleging the defendants improperly treated him following a procedure more than a year ago.

Family member's death allegedly caused by doctor who failed to prescribe proper treatment

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 14, 2019

GALVESTON — Family members are suing doctors, alleging a woman's death was caused after a doctor misread test results and failed to order a cardiac catheterization.

Patient alleges Kingwood medical team made her a quadriplegic

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 7, 2019

HOUSTON —A Harris County woman is suing a Kingwood medical team, alleging their negligence rendered her a quadriplegic.

Patient seeks more than $1 million from Houston doctor over injuries allegedly sustained during procedure

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Mar 5, 2019

HOUSTON – A Houston doctor is being sued by a patient over allegations his negligence during a procedure caused a fracture to her right orbital wall.

Patient seeks damages from Houston Pulmonary Medicine, physician over nerve damage allegedly caused by negligence

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Mar 4, 2019

HOUSTON – A patient alleges she sustained preventable nerve damage because a Houston physician negligently allowed her sodium levels to rise.

Estate representative alleges Icon Hospital failed to properly monitor decedent

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Feb 27, 2019

HOUSTON – An estate representative of a late Harris County woman alleges that a rehabilitation center failed to properly monitor and provide care to her.

Patient of The Woodlands plastic surgeon files suit over alleged injuries from breast implant surgery

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Feb 27, 2019

HOUSTON – A patient has filed suit against a plastic surgeon in The Woodlands over allegations that she was injured by a breast implant surgery.

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