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County officials just say no to opioid lawsuits

By The Record | Apr 10, 2018

Remember how self-styled sophisticates howled with laughter when First Lady Nancy Reagan introduced the new slogan for the “War on Drugs” effort back in the 1980s?

It was Just Lunch, but Rice is boiling

By The Record | Apr 3, 2018

Unless you grew up in a strict religious sect, you're not likely to know much about courtship, but courtship is what young singles engaged in before there was dating.

The right to protect ourselves against tyrants

By David Yates | Mar 27, 2018

It's hard to tell sometimes if proponents of gun control are purposely being disingenuous in their arguments or just have zero understanding of the Second Amendment.

I scream, you scream, etc.

By The Record | Mar 20, 2018

Kids have selective hearing. Depending on what you're saying, they may be stone-deaf from a foot away or pick up dog whistles a block away.

Sometimes, falling is your own fault

By The Record | Mar 12, 2018

Playing used to be a lot more fun for a kid because there was an element of danger to it, which made it more exciting.

Would Tina Bradley be another Donald Floyd?

By The Record | Mar 6, 2018

Soon-to-retire 172nd District Court Judge Donald Floyd has been called upon more than once to justify his decisions – and more than once has offered dubious responses or none at all.

Jefferson County District Clerk Jamie Smith needs to try harder

By The Record | Feb 26, 2018

What do Dallas, Galveston, Harris and other Texas county courts have that Jefferson County's doesn't? Transparency. Online transparency, that is. An easily accessible and navigable website that allows ordinary citizens to review court records of civil litigation from home, the office, cell phones, etc.

Russell Budd cannot postpone the inevitable forever

By The Record | Feb 20, 2018

There's no blood in the water (yet), but it's only a matter of time before Dallas plaintiffs attorney Russell Budd starts screaming and flailing his arms and perhaps goes under, figuratively speaking. It won't be the jaws of a shark that devour him, but the jaws of transparency and justice – justice delayed so far.

Bradley McDaniel gets a geography lesson

By David Yates | Feb 13, 2018

Do you remember practicing for fire drills in school? Teachers would explain what to do in the event of an emergency and lead everyone through a simulation.

Texas and Exxon offer energetic defenses

By The Record | Feb 7, 2018

State governments across the country are suing energy companies like ExxonMobil on the pretext that “climate change” is a proven fact rather than an hypothesis, that energy companies have contributed to it and therefore are legally responsible for any weather-related damages that occur and the cost of their remediation.

Suing a store for something a customer did

By The Record | Jan 30, 2018

David Humphries must have no assets. Otherwise, Scott Stroud and Jennifer East might be sueing him instead of Academy Sports in Port Arthur. Two years ago, Humphries exposed himself to Stroud's and East's minor daughters inside the store and allegedly sexually assaulted both of them. But Humphries was not an Academy employee, and Stroud and East were on the premises at the time.

A simple yes-no question for conniving politicians

By The Record | Jan 22, 2018

When he first interceded in the State of Massachusetts' lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was motivated by the belief that “using governmental power as a means to silence critics or beat political opponents should be called out.”

Perhaps Philip Klein and Jeffrey Dorrell have met their match (each other)

By The Record | Jan 16, 2018

When your favorite athlete or team has been eliminated from a tournament and you're not particularly fond of any of the remaining contestants, the quandary you face may not be having to decide whom to root for but whom to root against.

'It's not the crime, it's the cover-up'

By The Record | Jan 9, 2018

That's the distillation of received wisdom that gained currency after the Watergate scandal erupted and the efforts of the Nixon Administration to conceal its connection to a break-in at the Democratic National Committee were exposed, leading to impeachment hearings and culminating in Richard Nixon's resignation.

Sticky floor or sticky fingers?

By The Record | Jan 2, 2018

Sticky floor or sticky fingers? Would you be shocked if you went inside a movie theater and saw a movie playing? How about if you saw someone in a booth at the front of the building selling tickets? A concession stand inside with teenagers in silly outfits vending popcorn, candy, and carbonated beverages? A dimly lit or darkened room down the hall with a large screen in front of rows of cushioned seats? Would any of those things surprise you? No, of course not. Why? Because those are things you expect to see at movie theaters.

Don’t tread wrong on a Dolce Living treadmill

By The Record | Dec 19, 2017

“La dolce vita” is Italian for “the good life” or, literally, “the sweet life.” It's what Americans used to call “sitting pretty” or “the life of Riley.” Plenty of money, plenty of free time, and nothing to do but enjoy life.

Luke Schilhab blames Apple for his own mistake

By The Record | Dec 13, 2017

“Oh my gosh! I'd file a suit too!! Or free phones for life lol” “What the hell, file a lawsuit haha” Above are two of the comments friends of Luke Schilhab of Lake Jackson made on his Facebook page when he posted a photograph of the cell phone-shaped, second-degree burn he received on the right side of his abdomen after rolling over on the iPhone 6 he'd left lying on the bed next to him when he went to sleep one night last April.

Judge or joker? You be the jury

By The Record | Dec 4, 2017

When did some judges become comedians, albeit mediocre ones who have to laugh at their own jokes? You can almost hear these jurists chuckling at their assumed cleverness when you read their opinions and come across another witless witticism, often a lame pun on a litigant's name or marketing slogans. Here's a recent example: FedEx moved to dismiss a patent infringement case against it on the grounds that the Eastern District of Texas is not a convenient forum for it. Does the judge approve the motion based on the obvious merits and recent high court decisions? No, he snarkily denies it and tries to conceal the wrong thinking with a limp joke on the company's slogan.

Waging a war on women with no ammunition

By The Record | Nov 30, 2017

Now she knows how his ex-wife feels. Houston lawyer Diane St. Yves began an attorney-client relationship with David Lancaster in 2011 and lived to regret it, eventually having to go to court to dissolve that relationship and move on.

Asbestos attorneys drive another company into bankruptcy

By The Record | Nov 21, 2017

Three years ago, while affirming an appeals court decision overturning a multimillion-dollar judgment against Georgia Pacific in a mesothelioma case, the Texas State Supreme Court made the following assertions: that “proof of ‘any exposure’ to a defendant’s product will not suffice” to establish liability, that “the dose must be quantified,” and that “the plaintiff must establish that the defendant’s product was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s disease.”

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