FORT SMITH, Ark. � Arkansas resident Carl Edward Myers claims that numerous Fort Smith businesses and entities have violated his rights by discriminating against him based on his race, age, disability, sex and religion.

Myers recently filed 14 lawsuits in the Western District of Arkansas and is acting as his own attorney.

He alleges race and color discrimination by the city of Fort Smith. According to Myers, he called 911 after a dog bit him on the ankle and there was no response.

He claims the dog was "given rights to perform as ruler over man."

FedEx-Kinko's was sued for wrongly addressing Myers. Myers states that an employee told him, "She does as the sun shines. This is my world, I love it."

Myers argues that due to the employee's inability, he was removed from the property.

In another suit, the state of Arkansas was sued for color, sexual, religious and national origin discrimination. According to court papers, Myers believes he was unfairly treated in an attempt by the defendant to bring "on unjust harm."

Myers wants to be re-employed and properly compensated.

Myers filed suit against the Fort Smith Senior Activity Center for name-calling, "back biting," insults and racial comments. Myers also alleges that someone spit in his food.

The Fort Smith Police Department merited litigation for continually stopping and harassing him with drawn guns. He argues their actions are for "no reasons, no crime, no nothing, just curiosity."

The plaintiff filed suit against airport security at the Fort Smith Regional Airport for stereotyping and for lack of respect. Myers states that he was well dressed but still harassed.

Enterprise Rental was sued for failing to accept statements of truth and falsely accused Myers of stealing a car. He states that he was called names that caused "embarrassing moments."

Myers filed suit against makers of the drug Zyprexa, an antipsychotic medication. He says the drug has caused uncomfortable living and harmful side effects such as choking and numbness. He is seeking damages for loss of past income.

Myers also filed suit against the makers of the drug Hydol, commonly used for the treatment of fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Myers states that the medication has caused harm to his body and his mind. He wants compensation for time and restitution.

The plaintiff sued Firestone-Rogers for greed. He claims the company is mean and has no communication skills. He accuses the store of false allegations and for charging for repairs that were never made.

The Fort Smith Country Club was sued for "failing to recognize (the plaintiff) as a person." Myers asserts he was discriminated against based on his race, color and sex. Myers states that at an all day event, he was called names such as "baboon, monkey and banana boy."

Employment Security was sued for turning down Myer's claims causing him medical setbacks.

The Federal Housing Authority was sued for denied Myer's housing and for unfair treatment.

The city of Mulberry maintenance department was sued for race and color discrimination. He states that the door was shut in his face and he was called racial slurs.

Myers states that words were "very painful statements." He is seeking compensation for restitution and medical expenses.

A magistrate judge has ordered Myers to file additional paperwork in all the cases and has stated he will decide later if any of the defendants will be served with the lawsuits.

The cases could be dismissed as frivolous or for lack of following the rules of civil procedure.

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