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Don’t just do something! Stand there!

By The Record | Nov 6, 2018

People use to act when a problem appeared. Now, we complain and say it's not our responsibility.

You’re paying for it whether you know it or not

By The Record | Oct 30, 2018

Two more months and this year is done, 2018 is over, and 2019 begins. It’s time to start making resolutions for the new year.

If it’s your fault, it’s not somebody else’s fault

By The Record | Oct 23, 2018

Remember, in The Godfather, when Sonny was killed in his car in at the causeway tollbooth by mobsters with machine guns? What if his father, the mafia don, had given the assassins a pass and filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturer instead? Surely, the defendants would have been held blameless for producing a vehicle unable to withstand gunfire.

Democrat nominee promises to follow in Judge Floyd’s footsteps

By The Record | Oct 16, 2018

“‘Heart Of My Heart,’ I love that melody!” That’s the song Jefferson County trial lawyers are singing now. Only it’s Melody with a capital M, as in Melody Chappell, the Democrat nominee to replace retiring 172nd District Court Judge Donald Floyd in next month’s election.

If you want to mess with Texas, do it in Texas

By The Record | Oct 9, 2018

California municipalities trying to shake down Texas-based ExxonMobil with climate-change lawsuits got the tables turned on them in January when Exxon filed a petition in Tarrant County District Court here in Texas, seeking pre-suit discovery for a potential lawsuit against them.

Reforms have restored our health care

By The Record | Sep 24, 2018

“You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” You don’t hear that aphorism much anymore, but it’s still true, even if it isn’t really about flies. No, it’s about hospitality and kindness. The point is that you’ll be more successful in life if you’re friendly rather than hostile. Of course, you catch flies to get rid of them, but other things you catch to keep – like doctors, for instance.

Attorney John Morgan is a glutton for punishment

By The Record | Sep 18, 2018

Beaumont attorney John Morgan doesn’t know when to give up. His wife divorced him in 2008, but he appealed the lower court’s decision and lost again. He also appealed lower court decisions on child custody four times and lost each time. Then he went after his ex-wife’s attorney.

If the ramp was slippery, why didn’t he complain sooner?

By The Record | Sep 11, 2018

A married couple’s world revolved around their first child. They marveled at each new stage of development. The baby crept, crawled, stood up – and fell right back down.

Delta County tries to finesse the Public Information Act

By David Yates | Sep 5, 2018

Our state’s Public Information Act wouldn’t be worth much if governmental bodies did not suffer any consequences for purposely ignoring valid information requests from the public or were not penalized for intentionally providing inadequate responses.

Contingency-fee contracts for opioid suits could be invalidated

By The Record | Aug 29, 2018

In response to revelations during our state’s tobacco litigation in the 1990s about the excessive contingency fees awarded and the political payoffs that accompanied them, and the subsequent conviction and imprisonment of former Texas Attorney General Dan Morales for illegally attempting to divert $500 million in fees to a friend, Texas legislators overhauled the rules applying to government agencies hiring outside lawyers.

Harris County officials negotiated ‘bad’ deal on opioid suit

By The Record | Aug 21, 2018

Public officials in multiple Texas counties have resisted the allure of easy money and just said no to plaintiffs attorneys peddling opioid lawsuits.

Tube be or not tube be, that is the question

By The Record | Aug 14, 2018

Tube men can dance, but they don’t move their feet, because they don’t have any.

Baseball mom’s lawsuit is misdirected

By David Yates | Aug 8, 2018

Woman sued Big League Dreams Sports Park after baseball struck her in stands.

Throw me something, Matthiesen!

By The Record | Jul 31, 2018

First Tuesday is a 10-year-old political action committee run by local attorney David Matthiesen for the benefit of Democrat candidates for office in the Houston area. The PAC is called First Tuesday because elections are held on the first Tuesday of the month.

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