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And the winner is -- already known

The race for 58th District Court, however, is in the bag. Put your money on Kent Walston. He’s guaranteed to win reelection. He could get stuck in the gate, pull up lame, or even run in the wrong direction and he’s still going to win.

Lewis Food Town shopper alleges fall due to water on the floor injured knee

HOUSTON – A customer at a Houston-area grocery store alleges water on the floor caused her to fall.

Plaintiffs firm represented whistleblower in secret to avoid paying referral fee from multimillion-dollar case, lawsuit claims

Pennsylvania Record

PHILADELPHIA – A Texas personal injury law firm claims it is owed part of $16 million awarded to a corporate whistleblower because colleagues effectively poached the client and represented him in secret.

Physician alleges United served him meal embedded with 'sharp metallic hook'

HOUSTON – A physician is suing United Airlines after he reportedly discovered a sharp object in his inflight meal, per recent Harris County District Court records.

The insurance lobby has destroyed Texas property rights

Eight months after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, many Texas families still face a long road home. Only 33 percent of home insurance claims have been paid and a staggering 51 percent have been closed with no payment.

Conn Appliances seeks to confirm $60K arbitration award in injury suit

BEAUMONT - Conn Appliances recently filed a motion to confirm an arbitration award of $60,000 stemming from a lawsuit brought by an employee who injured his hand while on the job.

Worker claims gangway ladder injured him, files lawsuit

HOUSTON – A Harris County man claims he was hit in the head with a ladder while on the job two months ago and has pursued legal action.

Meineke seeks summary judgment in wrongful death suit over fatal auto fire

BEAUMONT – A defendant is seeking summary judgment in a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman who burned to death when her car allegedly malfunctioned and burst into flames.

FedEx Ground contractor alleges barricade at Magnolia Kroger caused him to trip

HOUSTON – A FedEx Ground independent contractor alleges he was injured making a delivery to a Magnolia grocery store because of a hidden safety barricade.

Nigerian passengers allege United Airlines discriminated against them by removing them from flight

HOUSTON – A Nigerian citizen alleges she and her children were removed from a flight because a white passenger reported that she was "pungent."

Woman alleges she was terminated by Frisbie Janitorial over sexual harassment complaints

AMARILLO – A woman alleges she was terminated by an Amarillo company for complaining of sexual harassment.

Court papers detail woman's 'demeaning' experience as Ren Fest owner's personal assistant

HOUSTON – The Texas Renaissance Festival and Stargate Manor Arboretum are accused in a federal lawsuit of terminating a female employee who allegedly pushed back against her superior for ordering her to perform tasks she thought were inappropriate.

Ninth Court of Appeals voids later ruling in workers' comp case that increased award by nearly $60,000

BEAUMONT – The Court of Appeals of the 9th District of Texas issued a ruling to vacate a trial court judgment in a man’s work injury case, finding that the trial court no longer had jurisdiction to increase the man’s award.

Wireless phone companies must pay local access charges, federal judge rules

DALLAS – Wireless call carriers like Verizon and Sprint must pay local access charges even when its users are placing local calls, a federal judge based in Dallas said in a recent order.

Appeals court reverses $8 million jury award against DuPont, saying cancer victim shall 'take nothing'

DALLAS – A Texas man who received a multimillion dollar jury award in 2015 after his leukemia was found to have been caused by years of exposure to benzene in the paints and paint thinners he used on the job will receive nothing, a state appeals court ruled earlier this month.

Former Louetta Automotive Group technician files suit for allegedly unpaid overtime wages

HOUSTON – A former general service technician for an auto repair business alleges he is owed unpaid wages.

Shopper alleges HEB Grocery Co. failed to remove pink substance that caused her to fall

HOUSTON – A Harris County woman alleges she was injured when she fell on a pink substance left on the floor of a grocery store.

Trial lawyer money fails to push Bradley past Chappell in race to replace Judge Floyd

BEAUMONT – Despite the generous financial support she received from her fellow plaintiff’s attorneys, Tina Bradley could not overcome her Democratic rival, Melody Chappell, in the runoff race to become the next judge for the 172nd District Court.

Former Golden Town International carpenter alleges he is owed unpaid wages

HOUSTON – A former carpenter of a company that designs, remodels and customizes restaurant furniture alleges that he was not paid at the appropriate rate for overtime work.

Woman claims General Electric-manufactured refrigerator injured hand

HOUSTON – A Harris County woman alleges she was injured by a plate on her refrigerator and is seeking $1 million in damages from the manufacturers.