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Former Golden Town International carpenter alleges he is owed unpaid wages

HOUSTON – A former carpenter of a company that designs, remodels and customizes restaurant furniture alleges that he was not paid at the appropriate rate for overtime work.

Woman claims General Electric-manufactured refrigerator injured hand

HOUSTON – A Harris County woman alleges she was injured by a plate on her refrigerator and is seeking $1 million in damages from the manufacturers.

Ba-Ker Tank Head Co. alleged to owe unpaid overtime wages to inside sales employees

SHERMAN – A Fort Worth company is alleged to have failed to pay inside sales employees overtime pay.

Woman alleges vision is impaired after LASIK surgery at International Eyecare Laser

HOUSTON – A patient alleges her vision is now impaired and she wasn't treated for metal shavings left in her eyes after a LASIK surgery.

Louisiana man alleges he was struck and injured by pipe at drilling rig site

HOUSTON – A Lafayette Parish, Louisiana resident alleges he was injured at a worksite when a pipe fell on him.

Montgomery Co. man lodges age discrimination allegations against Maverick Drilling and Exploration, Freedom Production

HOUSTON – A Montgomery County man has brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against Maverick Drilling and Exploration Ltd. and Freedom Production, Inc., accusing the defendants of firing him because of his age.

Trial court to determine whether Vidor church's suit over leaky roof to be dismissed with or without prejudice

BEAUMONT – An appellate court has reversed an order that denied a motion to dismiss filed by the architects and engineers a Vidor church claims failed to keep a roof from leaking after a three-year multimillion dollar project.

Worker alleges negligent supervision led to mishandling of caustic, burn injuries

HOUSTON – A Mississippi man claims he sustained burns while handling caustic at a Houston area plant more than a year ago.

PlazAmericas Mall shopper alleges wet floor caused fall, seeks more than $200,000

HOUSTON – A shopper at a Harris County mall alleges a wet floor caused her to fall.

Justices grant dismissal of suit against XTO Energy over flash fire at North Dakota well pad

HOUSTON – A Texas appeals court ruled that a lawsuit over injuries sustained in a well fire does not belong in the state because the majority of witnesses are from North Dakota and surrounding states.

Hunter Warfield alleged to have harassed Friendswood woman with calls

BROWNSVILLE – A Friendswood consumer alleges a Florida debt collector has harassed her with phone calls.

Former nonprofit employee faces litigation over alleged embezzlement

HOUSTON – Houston’s America for All, Inc.; Central American Resource Center, 501(c); and Teodoro Aguiluz, doing business as Central American Resource Center, are suing a former employee for alleged embezzlement, recent Harris County District Court records indicate.

Jefferson County 172nd District Court Docket: June 2018


Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas


Oilfield worker alleges EcoStim, others owe unpaid overtime wages

HOUSTON – A California man alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages by his former oil and gas industry employer.

Missouri residents allege SDR Trucking driver failed to keep a proper lookout in Highway 59 crash

MARSHALL – A Missouri couple alleges they sustained property damage and serious injuries when they were struck by a tractor-trailer.