A Jefferson County woman is suing a Beaumont restaurant, alleging negligence for injuries sustained at the defendant's place of business.

Lekesia Thomas filed a lawsuit suit Oct. 14 in Jefferson County District Court against Shanu Pyari Enterprises Inc., doing business as Beaumont Fried Chicken, Pizza & Grill.

According to the complaint, on Aug. 4, Thomas, while walking into the defendant's restaurant at 2031 Calder Ave., Beaumont, slipped on a wet and mildew-covered area of the sidewalk and injured herself. 

The suit says the defendant was aware of the air-conditioner unit leak that caused the wet spot, going so far as to place a bucket underneath the leak. The bucket has two holes drilled toward its top so the water could flow out without the bucket overflowing, the lawsuit states, and this is what caused the wet and mildewed spot.

The plaintiff says she suffered injuries, including a disc herniation in her lower back.

Thomas seeks damages of past and future medical bills and expenses, past and future mental anguish, past and future loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, attorney fees and court costs. She also requests trial by jury. She is represented by attorney Malachi Daws of The Daws Law Firm in Beaumont.

Jefferson County District Court case number A-197709.

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