Mar. 11

Tangelo IP, LLC v. Snap-On Incorporated et al 2:16-cv-00201

Tangelo IP, LLC v. Dollar General Corporation 2:16-cv-00202

Tangelo IP, LLC v. Brooks Brothers Group, Inc. 2:16-cv-00205

Tangelo IP, LLC v. Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc. et al 2:16-cv-00206

Tangelo IP, LLC v. Jegs Automotive, Inc. d/b/a Jegs d/b/a Jegs High Performance d/b/a JEGS Performance 2:16-cv-00207

The plaintiff Tangelo is based in Plano.

It has pursued legal action in an effort to stop what it alleges to be infringement of United States Patent Number 8,429,005.

Court papers explain that the subject patent is a continuation-in-part of U.S. Patent No. 6,557,006.

“The technology recited in the claims of the ‘005 patent provides an inventive concept and does not claim an abstract idea,” they state.

“The inventive concept greatly enhances and facilitates technological methods and apparatuses which comprise providing of electronic and interactive catalogs comprising replications of product images appearing in a corresponding physical catalogs, wherein the electronic and interactive replications include selectable portions corresponding with the image replications, and wherein selection of the selectable portions provides additional product information and enables a user to initiate an online purchase of the product.”

Tangelo seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorneys John J. Edmonds, Stephen F. Schlather, Shea N. Palavan and Brandon G. Moore of the law firm Collins, Edmonds, Schlather & Tower, PLLC in Houston are representing the plaintiff.

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