Tick, tock

by The SE Texas Record |
Aug. 9, 2016, 3:09pm

Time is running out for Clock Boy – and all others posing as victims.

Our country's overrun with them: misfits, malcontents, grievance mongers, agitators, radicals, subversives, antisocial socialists, and the attorneys and publicists who aid and abet them.

America is still a free country, with a Constitution that protects our rights, but it won't be forever if we let crafty connivers take advantage of our freedoms, turn our laws against us, and abuse our rights in an effort to undermine them.

We can't let them game the system, trying our patience to see how far they can go.

They all feign innocence if challenged, just as ordinary criminals do when caught. They pretend to be indignant that anyone could question their motives or be dissatisfied with their implausible explanations for their behavior.

Ahmed Mohamed and his father are playing this game. Clock Boy brought a bomb-like object to school. He put school officials in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between prudence and political correctness. To their great credit, they did what they thought they needed to do to protect the students and teachers at the school.

If they erred, they erred on the side of safety.

Now Clock Dad, Mohamed Elhassan, is suing the Irving Independent School District, Principal Daniel Cummings, and the city of Irving in the U.S. District Court for Northern Texas, Dallas Division.

By what conceivable measure is the embarrassment or discomfort that Clock Boy allegedly suffered, worth the $15 million Elhassan is reportedly demanding?

It's one thing to suspend judgment until all the facts are in, but giving someone the benefit of the doubt when there isn't any, or when doing so is dangerous, is not wise.

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