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Hail yes, lawsuit reform protects consumers

By Hazel Meaux | Apr 27, 2017

First, we get hit with high-intensity storms that pummeled parts of our state in previous weeks with large hail. Next, we get soaked by storm-chasing personal injury lawyers looking to line their pockets. Texas is taking a pounding, and it’s time for the Texas Legislature to do their part to stop it. Since we can’t control the weather, let’s tackle abusive hail storm lawsuits and enact smart reforms.

Arbitration can prevent lawsuit abuse, bring quicker legal resolution

By Hazel Meaux | Sep 15, 2015

Nice guys finish last. Revenge is sweet. Paybacks are a real, well, you know. If you’ve ever found yourself involved in a lawsuit, those expressions may hit a little too close to home.

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