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Are things changing regarding motions to change venue in false marking cases?

By Nicole Keenan | Mar 9, 2011

Although the federal Eastern District of Texas has traditionally been reluctant to grant motions to change venue in false patent marking cases, it appears things are changing.

'Qui tam' provision found unconstitutional in Ohio false patent marking case

By Nicole Keenan | Mar 3, 2011

On Feb. 23, the Northern District of Ohio and specifically U.S. District Judge Dan Polster issued an important opinion � in Unique Products Solutions Ltd v. Hy-Grade Valve Inc. - granting a motion to dismiss the false marking case on the grounds that the qui tam provision is unconstitutional.

Fed Circuit again finds East Texas judge abused discretion by denying patent transfer

By Nicole Keenan | Dec 9, 2010

The Federal Circuit seems to be trying to make a point with regards to venue shopping.

Federal Circuit ruling could curb patent filings in East Texas

By Nicole Keenan | Dec 2, 2010

A recent Federal Circuit ruling, In re Microsoft Corp., No. 944 (Fed. Cir Nov. 8, 2010), has significant implications for businesses contemplating establishing local ties to support favorable litigation jurisdiction.

Judge Ward to retire in October 2011

By Nicole Keenan | Oct 14, 2010

Ward U.S. District Court Judge T. John Ward of Marshall will retire as of October 2011.

What were they thinking?

By Nicole Keenan | Jun 17, 2010

An interesting strategic decision by Alston & Bird LLP turned out to be very costly for their clients, E-Z-EM Inc. and ACIST Medical Systems Inc. ("Defendants"), and serves as a cautionary tale.

Think twice before filing a motion to stay pending patent reexamination

By Nicole Keenan | May 27, 2010

While many districts have and continue to grant stays in patent litigation pending reexamination, several recent rulings from the Eastern District of Texas have held the opposite, with potentially significant implications for the litigation itself.

Recent developments in Texas in the false marking area

By Nicole Keenan | May 11, 2010

A recent decision in a false marking case in the Southern District of Texas has significant implications for the Eastern District and beyond.

False marking flurry

By Nicole Keenan | Apr 17, 2010

Keenan There have been a flurry of "false marking" cases filed recently, several of which have been in the Eastern District of Texas.

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