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Texas SC: Auto auctions not liable for defective vehicles

By Steve Korris | Apr 16, 2008

Texas Supreme Court AUSTIN - Drivers can't hold auto auctioneers liable for defective vehicles, the Texas Supreme Court decided March 28.

Texas SC to rehear Entergy workers' comp case

By Steve Korris | Apr 16, 2008

Texas Supreme Court AUSTIN- Texas Supreme Court justices who immunized Entergy Gulf States against a Jefferson County personal injury suit are wondering now if they made a mistake.

Texas SC reverses settlement arrangement that cut out insurer, minor child

By Steve Korris | Apr 9, 2008

Justice Scott Brister AUSTIN � The Texas Supreme Court ruled recently that a $4.5 million settlement in a workers' compensation claim not only cut an insurer carrier out of its rightful share, but cut out the interests of a minor involved in the case.

Appeals court allows trial against Acceptance to proceed in Orange

By Steve Korris | Mar 27, 2008

Acceptance Indemnity Insurance Company tried to argue that property damage checks counted as settlement offers, but the Ninth District appellate court in Beaumont knocked the insurer down.

Ford cruise control suits consolidated to Travis County MDL

By Steve Korris | Mar 27, 2008

AUSTIN � Travis County District Judge Scott Jenkins has taken charge of lawsuits from 28 counties over fires in Ford engines, with more plaintiffs than anyone can count.

Breaking: Judge makes rulings in Jones v. Scruggs

By Steve Korris | Feb 26, 2008

OXFORD, Miss. - A state judge ruled Tuesday that the actions of indicted trial lawyer Richard "Dickie" Scruggs apply to the rest of the firms that made up the former Scruggs Katrina Group.

Legends of Mississippi tort crumble, one-by-one

By Steve Korris | Feb 26, 2008

Dickie Scruggs JACKSON, Miss. - No one in Mississippi knows for sure where all the tobacco money went, except perhaps former attorney general Mike Moore and his friend Dickie Scruggs. But people are perched on the edges of their seats to see who the money destroyed.

Coon's Illinois silicosis cases moved to Cook County

By Steve Korris | Jan 3, 2008

Brent Coon In the biggest export ever of Madison County lawsuits, Circuit Judge Daniel Stack packaged 33 silicosis claims and shipped them to Cook County.

Hood won't help Bryant in MCI fee recovery

By Steve Korris | Dec 13, 2007

NEW YORK CITY - Most politicians would leap at a chance to win back millions of dollars from attorneys under federal investigation, but Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood must pass up the chance because he hired them.

Luck runs out for tort king, Scruggs indicted for bribery

By Steve Korris | Dec 6, 2007

OXFORD, Mississippi � Ten years after the Supreme Court of Mississippi turned the Attorney General's office into a mint cranking out easy money for lucky lawyers, the luckiest one of all has dragged the whole state down in disgrace.

Supreme Court hears case over bar room brawl at ritzy resort

By Steve Korris | Dec 3, 2007

Del Lago Resort in Conroe AUSTIN � In a case from "Houston's playground," the Texas Supreme Court must decide whether to hold a bar owner liable for injuries from a brawl.

Appeals court rules in favor of Liu in suit against Hsu

By Steve Korris | Nov 28, 2007

Bobby Yu-Chen Liu of Arizona owes Shwurong Hsu of Texas $40,000, but according to the Ninth District Court of Appeals in Beaumont, Hsu can't recover it in a Texas court.

Supreme Court agrees driver, not traffic light caused PA wreck

By Steve Korris | Nov 27, 2007

Texas Supreme Court AUSTIN � Yolanda Guidry, whose daughter and unborn grandchild died in a Port Arthur car crash, must give up trying to prove that the traffic lights beamed as green for her daughter as for the driver who hit her.

Divorcee in hard place over engagement rock

By Steve Korris | Nov 21, 2007

AUSTIN � Wayne and Linda Small wish to recover a diamond from a Virginia woman who divorced their son, and the Texas Supreme Court has decided that they can require her to defend her possession of the ring in a Texas court.

Montgomery Co. businesses take 'dirty' case to higher court

By Steve Korris | Nov 19, 2007

Montgomery County jurors settled a dispute over dirt with a $52,150 verdict, but the Ninth District Court of Appeals in Beaumont has ordered a new trial.

Appeals court rejects firefighters' arbitration agreement

By Steve Korris | Nov 16, 2007

Arbitrator Zane Lumbley of Monroe, Wash., abandoned his neutrality so outrageously for the benefit of Beaumont firefighters that he hurt every municipal employee in Texas.

Provost Umphrey accuses Dole of banana litigation conspiracy

By Steve Korris | Nov 9, 2007

Joe Fisher of the Provost Umphrey firm in Beaumont has accused Dole Food Company of negotiating directly with his clients in Nicaragua to settle pesticide exposure claims.

Nursing background led judge to question silicosis screenings

By Steve Korris | Nov 1, 2007

Judge Janis Jack When U. S. District Judge Janis Jack of Texas exposed 10,000 phony silicosis claims, her history as a nurse triggered a strong reaction to the shoddy practices of attorneys in her court and doctors who served them.

Appeals court reopens dental malpractice suit, allows expert testimony regarding girl's brain damage

By Steve Korris | Nov 1, 2007

Appellate judges in Beaumont have reopened a dental malpractice suit that Judge Cara Wood of the 284th District Court in Montgomery County dismissed.

Texas SC opinion could affect insurers in litigation with each other

By Steve Korris | Oct 29, 2007

Justices of the Texas Supreme Court AUSTIN � Texas Supreme Court Justices unanimously agree that Liberty Mutual Insurance can't force Mid-Continent Insurance to pay half of a car crash settlement that Liberty Mutual accepted but Mid-Continent resisted.

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