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Legitimate plaintiff can't find attorney, represents self in silicosis case

By Steve Korris | Oct 25, 2007

U. S. District Judge Janis Jack of Corpus Christi found an honest silicosis suit among 10,000 phony ones, but attorneys for the honest plaintiff torpedoed his case and no other silicosis attorney would take him for a client.

Silicosis: Industrial disaster needed to support 'phantom epidemic'

By Steve Korris | Oct 11, 2007

Judge Janis Jack Honest doctors don't find asbestosis and silicosis in the same X-ray, but a pack of doctors claimed they found both thousands of times.

Judge Jack's fury over asbestos fraud ignored by state courts

By Steve Korris | Oct 4, 2007

Does anyone remember how a Democratic judge in Texas defied her party's devotion to mass torts, exposed 10,000 phony suits, imposed a whopping sanction, sparked investigations and instigated reforms?

Colleges amass financial records of big-time athletes in NCAA class action

By Steve Korris | Aug 23, 2007

LOS ANGELES -- California class action attorneys seek hundreds of millions in something like back pay for 48,000 college football and men's basketball players.

The Texas Nexus -- Why state justices owed an apology to George Strait

By Steve Korris | Aug 1, 2007

Anyone on earth can sue in a Texas court over an injury that happened anywhere on earth, as long as the injured person lives in a nation that allows personal injury lawsuits.

Jordan, Universal Coin settle legal dispute

By Steve Korris | Jul 30, 2007

Jerry Jordan, reporter for The Examiner newspaper, and Universal Coin and Bullion have settled a court battle over charges that Jordan improperly obtained a list of the company's customers.

Coon settles 11 of 15 asbestos cases on trial docket

By Steve Korris | Jul 26, 2007

Attorney Brent Coon has settled 11 Jefferson County asbestos suits that he had declared ready for trial.

Local asbestos cases heading to Houston MDL

By Steve Korris | Jul 26, 2007

Harris County District Judge Mark Davidson presides over the asbestos multi-district litigations. Two new asbestos suits have bounced from Beaumont to Houston, to take their places on a pile of about 9,000 other suits in a statewide asbestos court.

Avandia study piques attorneys' interest at how-to-sue seminar

By Steve Korris | Jul 18, 2007

Houston attorney Mark Lanier CHICAGO � One million American diabetics take Avandia pills, and if more of them would suffer heart attacks attorneys could get rich.

Coon argues that Record is not a real newspaper

By Steve Korris | Apr 26, 2007

Brent Coon Southeast Texas Record editor Marilyn Tennissen and reporter David Yates are not journalists and the Record is not a newspaper, Beaumont attorney Brent Coon said at a hearing before Jefferson County District Judge Donald Floyd, April 25.

Homeowner files two suits against Allstate over hurricane damage

By Steve Korris | Apr 26, 2007

Patrick Gallagher of 6325 Arrowhead in Beaumont sued insurance underwriter Allstate Texas Lloyd's twice in a day over damage from Hurricane Rita.

City demolishes Rita-damaged home before bank gets injunction

By Steve Korris | Apr 26, 2007

Monday morning, April 23, Wells Fargo Bank applied in Jefferson County Circuit Court for an injunction to keep the city of Beaumont from demolishing a house Hurricane Rita damaged.

Harris County man sues 39 companies for father's benzene exposure

By Steve Korris | Apr 26, 2007

George Oliver Tanner of Harris County accuses 39 chemical companies of maliciously killing his father with benzene.

Justices of the Peace: Just what do they do?

By Steve Korris | Apr 26, 2007

Justices of the peace in Texas, perching on the lowest rung of the judicial ladder, normally don't attract attention.

Chem worker's family seeks punitive damages in benzene suit

By Steve Korris | Apr 25, 2007

Alfred Jeanis worked 38 years and lived 26 years more, and now his widow and son seek damages for his untimely death.

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