Lamar University/NCAA rules against student-athlete extra benefits

By Marilyn Tennissen | Aug 23, 2007

Lamar University Montagne Center, home of Cardinal Basketball

Lamar University, Division 1, South Land Conference, NCAA Rules against student-athlete extra benefits

The NCAA defines an extra benefit as any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution's athletics interest ("booster/donor") to provide a student-athlete (or a student-athlete's relative or friend) a benefit that is not generally available to other LU students and their relatives and/or friends.

Therefore, please be aware of the following:

# A student-athlete cannot accept anything from an employee of LU or athletic booster/donor (e.g., use of a car, hair cut, clothing, gifts, money, tickets for any type of entertainment, payment of long distance telephone call, etc.).

# A student-athlete cannot accept free or reduced cost room and/or board from any LU employee or booster/donor of LU's athletic programs. This includes on or off campus, in the student-athlete's home city or any other location. This would prevent a student-athlete from "house sitting" without paying rental costs at a comparable rate for similar housing in that locale.

# A student-athlete may not accept free or reduced cost storage room for personal belongings for the summer months from any LU employee or booster/donor of LU's athletic programs.

# A student-athlete cannot accept free or reduced merchandise or services from any merchant unless that free or reduced cost item is also available to the general public.

# A student-athlete cannot eat at a restaurant as the guest of an athletic booster/donor or an employee of LU.

# On infrequent, special occasions (e.g. a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), a student-athlete may accept an invitation to the home of an employee of LU or an athletic booster/donor for a meal.

# A student-athlete cannot use a Department of Athletics copy machine, fax machine, or make long distance calls using departmental equipment or the long distance access code of an employee of LU or an athletic booster/donor.

# Members of the Department of Athletics staff or an athletic booster/donor are not permitted to type reports, papers, letters, etc., for a student-athlete.

# A student-athlete cannot receive a special discount, payment arrangement or credit on a purchase (e.g. airline ticket, clothing), or service (e.g. laundry, dry cleaning) from an employee of LU or an athletic booster/donor.

# A LU employee or a booster/donor cannot provide a student-athlete with a loan of money, a guarantee of bond, the use of an automobile or the signing or co-signing of a note to arrange a loan, or pay or provide other compensation for work not performed or at unreasonable levels for work performed.

# A student-athlete may not accept "frequent traveler miles" for trips, which are financed by the LU athletic department.

# A LU employee may provide a student-athlete only reasonable and occasional local (i.e. within a 30 mile radius of the LU campus) transportation. However, a LU employee may not utilize a University vehicle for purposes of assisting a student-athlete's move from one residence to another.

Consequences of Violating NCAA Rules

# A currently enrolled student-athlete being declared ineligible to participate.

# The eligibility of a prospective student-athlete(s) being jeopardized.

# Sanctions placed on the University and the athletic programs.

Source: Lamar University, Official Site of Cardinal Athletics

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