News from August 2007

Legally Speaking: Perverted Journalism - Part One

By John G. Browning | Aug 1, 2007

On Nov. 5, 2006, with police knocking on the door of his home and a camera crew from "Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator" waiting in the street, Rockwall County assistant prosecutor Louis "Bill" Conradt, Jr. shot himself rather than face accusations of soliciting sex online from a decoy posing as a 13 year-old boy.

The Texas Nexus -- Why state justices owed an apology to George Strait

By Steve Korris | Aug 1, 2007

Anyone on earth can sue in a Texas court over an injury that happened anywhere on earth, as long as the injured person lives in a nation that allows personal injury lawsuits.

Fort Worth criminal, civil courts come together to bring gang members to justice

By David Yates | Aug 1, 2007

Tarrant County Courthouse Weary of gang members coalescing in its streets, Fort Worth has followed the lead of two other Texas cities and filed suit.

Local lawyer tells advantages, disadvantages of Jones Act

By David Yates | Aug 1, 2007

Michael Eaves For decades, the Jones Act has advantageously allowed injured seaman to file lawsuits in Jefferson County, even if the plaintiff's injury occurred thousands of miles away and the defendant's principle office was situated outside of Jefferson County.

Suit faults generator fumes for campers' deaths

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Aug 1, 2007

While sleeping in a camper attached to a pickup truck, Dalton Ray Howell and Douglas Ray Curry were "overcome" with carbon monoxide fumes resulting in their untimely deaths.

Seaman trips on trash, sues for $1.5 M

By David Yates | Aug 1, 2007

Anthony Buzbee Eric Lozano's fellow ship mates evidently didn't catch the slogan: "Don't mess with Texas." Lozano is suing his employer for $1.5 million, plus court costs, claiming he tripped and fell on some trash.

Bridge City couple wants Allstate to pay full claim

By Marilyn Tennissen | Aug 1, 2007

Following Hurricane Rita, homeowners Michael and Audrey Louviere filed a claim with their insurer Allstate. Now the company has filed another claim, this one for damages in civil court after they say Allstate did not fulfill its contract.

Simpson seeks proceeds from Allstate

By Marilyn Tennissen | Aug 1, 2007

Like many other residents in Southeast Texas, O.D. Simpson Sr. of Orange sustained damage to his home from Hurricane Rita in 2005. And like many others, he is filing a lawsuit against his insurer Allstate for wrongfully denying his claim.

First Rita, then insurer deal blows to Orange County resident

By Marilyn Tennissen | Aug 1, 2007

It was bad enough that Hurricane Rita left Carl McFarlane's home unlivable, but the Orange County resident says on top of that his mortgage company had let his homeowners' insurance lapse.

Construction company says not responsible for Orange woman's injuries

By Marilyn Tennissen | Aug 1, 2007

In an ongoing Orange County lawsuit, a construction company recently denied that it was in any way responsible for a woman's fall at a residential facility.

Beaumont couple sues Farmers for denying hurricane claim

By David Yates | Aug 2, 2007

Beaumont couple Gary and Karen Kiefer maintain that their insurance policy covered windstorm damage. However, after Hurricane Rita hit, the couple says Farmers Insurance Exchange denied their policy claim.

Groves man sues Farmers over hurricane claim

By David Yates | Aug 2, 2007

Groves resident Jimmie Smith filed a policy claim for property damage with Farmers Insurance Exchange following Hurricane Rita in 2005. He received a sum of money but now, nearly two years later, says it wasn't enough.

'Colossus' class action costing defendants more than $293 million

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Aug 2, 2007

TEXARKANA, Ark. -- Proposed and approved settlements from Miller County Circuit Court's infamous "Colossus" class action could cost defendants more than $293 million.

Texas lottery commission might run raffles if AG Abbott gives nod

By Rob Luke | Aug 2, 2007

Greg Abbott AUSTIN -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is currently mulling whether Texans could soon play a type of lottery more often seen at social fund-raisers.

Property company sues for property damage claim

By David Yates | Aug 2, 2007

Caliber Properties Inc., a local company, is suing its insurance provider and one of its adjusters for "denying at least a portion" of its Hurricane Rita claim without performing an "adequate investigation."

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