A closer look at motor vehicle product liability statistics

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 12, 2007

Motor vehicle product liability cases

2004-current: more than 1,600
2007 to date: 299

2004-current: 455
2007 to date: 69

Eastern District of Texas
2004-current: 279
2007 to date: 40

Judge T. John Ward
Total cases 2004-current: 554
Total motor vehicle 2004-current: 179
2007 motor vehicle to date: 24

Judge David Folsom
Total cases 2004-current: 236
Total motor vehicle 2004-current: 40
2007 motor vehicle to date: 7

Judge Leonard E. Davis
2004-current motor vehicle: 38

Sources: Justia.com, Eastern District of Texas (Pacer system)

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