Orange Co. men sue after repeated tractor breakdowns

By Marilyn Tennissen | Apr 4, 2007

Two Orange County residents are suing a distributor for selling them a faulty tractor

Walter Ray Wilhelm of Vidor and Claude Ray Wilhelm of Orange filed a lawsuit March 30 in Orange County District Court against Georgia-based Landini USA and Vidor dealership Rockwood Tractor Sales & Service Inc.

The plaintiffs say they purchased a Landini 95DT tractor from Rockwood in April 2005.

The original petition states that the "sale was based on several misrepresentations from the defendant."

Once they were "persuaded" to purchase the tractor, the plaintiffs say "an endless chain of failure breakdowns began."

Plaintiffs say the tractor was in for repairs 16 times in 18 months and that the "breakdowns were repetitious in nature."

They claim the defendant misrepresented that the Ghibli series tractor was of a particular standard, represented that the tractor had characteristics or benefits it did not have and made false or misleading statements regarding the need for parts, replacement or repairs.

The Wilhelms seek actual damages, treble damages, interest, court costs and other damages.

Gilbert Adams of Beaumont is representing the plaintiffs.

Case number: 70165C

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