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By The SE Texas Record | Apr 12, 2007

Recent civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts, April 4-11

April 4
Willie Scott vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al
PA � Bryan Blevins, J � Milton Shuffield
Willie Scott is suing A.O. Smith and an assortment of corporations, such as aerospace giant Lockheed Martin and Zurn Industries, for manufacturing and distributing asbestos laced products that he was exposed to during a 30-year career at Texaco. The plaintiff has lung cancer, and the petition states he was also a cigarette smoker.
Case No. D179-064

April 5
Texas Marine vs. Norman Spencer McKernan et al
PA -- Paul Edwardson, J -- pending
Texas Marine & Brokerage, Inc. is suing the Federal Insurance Co. and insurance agency Norman Spencer McKernan for "stringing" Texas Marine along after Hurricane Rita damaged its property. The plaintiff says it purchased coverage for business income and extra expenses, but the insurance company switched coverage without notification and put a cap of $250,000 on the company's claim.
Case No. A179-080

Charles Stroud vs. Joseph Goetz MD
PA � Bob Monk, J -- pending
Charles Stroud filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Joseph Goetz alleging cataract surgery left him with almost no sight in one eye. The plaintiff says the doctor, who performed the procedure at the Singla Eye Institute in Port Arthur, was grossly negligent and is seeking damages for pain and mental anguish.
Case No. D179-076

April 9
Cathy R. Wheeler et al vs. HCA Inc. et al
PA � Daniel Packard, J � Milton Shuffield
Plaintiff Cathy Wheeler and her husband are suing a Nederland doctor and hospital and a hospital in Texas City for failing to diagnose her appendicitis. Wheeler said her appendix burst after multiple trips to hospitals and emergency rooms. The delay in treatment resulted in extensive hospital stays, Wheeler says.
Case No. D179-083

Wyntress Marcell vs. Kirkland's Stores Inc.
PA � Timothy Sawyer, J � Milton Shuffield
Marcell said she was shopping for picture frames at Kirkland's in Parkdale Mall when she was struck on the head and back by falling pictures. The plaintiff claims the store was negligent for failing to properly stack the inventory.
Case No. D179-087

Cornelia Williams vs. Summit Care Texas
PA � Timothy Sawyer, J � Donald Floyd
Plaintiff Williams, an employee of Summit Care dba Clairmont Beaumont, was injured on the job. Williams claims the defendant was negligent for failing to provide proper training, safety equipment and necessary staffing. The defendant does not carry Workmen's Compensation.
Case No. E179-086

April 11
Rosinda Dorsey et al vs. Huntsman Corporation
PA -- Bob Pearson, J -- Milton Shuffield
A neighborhood of Port Arthur residents joined together to file a suit against the Hunstman Refinery for failing to live up to its "Good Neighbor Agreement." More than 100 plaintiffs claim the refinery filled their neighborhood with noxious gases that caused a variety of illnesses and property damages.
Case No. D179-100

Jesus Deleon vs. Motiva Enterprises
PA -- Thomas & Wan, J -- Donald Floyd
The family of laborer Jesus Deleon filed a personal injury lawsuit against Motiva claiming the company violated OSHA standards. The petition says Deleon was exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas which left him with permanent brain damage. The plaintiff is seeking actual and exemplary damages.
Case No.E179-104

Stacy Bratton vs. Exxon Mobil
PA -- Gregory Cox, J -- Donald Floyd
Stacey Bratton has filed a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil for being forced to take medical retirement after a 2005 injury. She is claiming discrimination.
Case No. E179-108

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