Recent Civil filings in Orange County District Courts, April 12

April 12
Laura Aguilar et al vs. Paul Newman Carpenter et al
PA � Frederick McGuire, J � Pat Clark
Paula Aguilar suffered severe burns and other injuries after the tractor trailer rig in which she was a passenger plunged off an I-10 overpass in March. Aguilar was pregnant and lost the baby after an emergency C-section at UTMB. Aguilar's mother and the father of the unborn baby are suing Carpenter, the driver of the truck and the company that owned the 18 wheeler.
Case No. A070184-C

Joann Brown vs. Frank Kuang-She Che et al
PA � Mike Jacobellis, J � Pat Clark
Joann Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two Orange anesthesiologists after her mother Shirley Brown died following a gynecological procedure. Plaintiff says the woman died of aspiration pneumonia because the anesthetists used the wrong type of device. The petition also says defendants were in violation of the Texas Health and Safety Code for protection of the elderly.
Mike Jacobellis is representing Joann Brown.
Case No. A07015-C

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