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by The SE Texas Record |
May 31, 2007, 10:00am

This Just In: Recent civil filings in Jefferson County District Courts, May 25-May 30

May 25
Sarah Johnson vs. Memorial Hermann Hospital System
PA - Timothy Sawyer, J - Bob Wortham
While visiting her mother at the Beaumont Memorial Hermann Hospital, Sarah Johnson sliced off the tip of her finger when helping her mother into a wheelchair. She blames the hospital for not having enough staff on hand to assist her and providing her with a faulty wheelchair.
Case No. A179-377

Terry Adams vs. BNSF Railway Co.
PA -- Sara Youngdahl, J -- Floyd
Terry Adams was working on a BNSF locomotive in November 2006 when he fell on the steps going to the lavatory. He sustained injuries to his back and neck. Plaintiff is citing FELA and seeking damages for physical pain and mental anguish, loss of earnings and earning capacity and medical expenses.
Case No. E172-372

Beau Hicks vs. National Indoor Football League
PA -- Chris Porter, J -- Milton Shuffield
Beau Hicks was hired to recruit, train and supervise game officials for the National Indoor Football League. Hicks says he fulfilled his contract obligations but has not been fully paid for his services. In addition to the more than $10,000 Hicks says he is owed, he is now taking the matter to court and seeking up to $75,000.
Case No. D179-375

May 25
Robert Shaw Sr. vs. Atlantic Scaffolding Co.
PA - Timothy Sawyer, J - Gary Sanderson
Injured on the job, Robert Shaw, Sr. alleges his former employer, Atlantic Scaffolding Co., fired him for filing a worker's compensation claim.
Case No. B179-376

May 29
Taehela Parish vs. Best Buy, Inc.
PA - Clay Dugas, J - court assignment is pending
A year and a half ago while visiting the Beaumont Best Buy, Taehela Parish somehow cut her leg, possibly on a steel rack. She is suing the company for its alleged negligence that caused her harm.
Case. No. E179-392

May 29
G.S.-Hydro vs. Beacon Maritime, Inc.
PA - Arlen Driscoll, J - Gary Sanderson
G.S.-Hydro claims Beacon Maritime, Inc. still owes the company nearly $300,000 for work performed on a Beacon oil rig back in Feburary of 2006.
Case No. B179-383

May 30
Texas State Bank vs. Christopher Comalander
PA � Bill Richey, J � Milton Shuffield
Texas State Bank claims Christopher Comalander, owner of the Beaumont Town and Country Plaza, has defaulted on his loan(s) and owes the bank nearly $300,000.
Case No. D179-398

Freddie and Zohreh Shahrodi vs. Fire Insurance Exchange
PA � Wyatt Snider, J � Bob Wortham
Freddie and Zohreh Shahrodi are the latest Jefferson County residents to sue their insurance provider, Fire Insurance Exchange, for not paying their full claim following Hurricane Rita. The insurer paid the some of the couples' claim for property damages, but "summarily denied at least a portion of the claim without an adequate investigation,"
Case No. A179-399

Ethelene Jean-Louis vs. Progressive County Mutual Insurance Co.
PA - Christopher Kirchmer, J - Gary Sanderson
Almost two years ago, an unknown man driving a stolen Mustang ran a stop sign and struck Ethelene Jean-Louis, permanently injuring her. The car thief was never apprehended. Jean-Lousis' auto insurance provider, Progressive County Mutual Insurance Co., has refused to "adequately" compensate her. Seeking relief, she filed a lawsuit against Progressive.
Case No. B179-396

Southwest Building Systems vs. Clinton Grisham
PA � Wyatt Snider, J � Milton Suffield
Hoping to stop a Hardin County man from moving in on its territory, Southwest Building Systems has filed a restraining order against Clinton Grisham. SBS � an electronic systems contractor that sells and installs alarms � hopes its legal recourse will stop Grisham from using its confidential information to steal its customers.
Case No. D179-397

Pamela Paige Bigler vs. David Neal Guy
PA � Trent Bond, J � Gary Sanderson
Pamela Paige Bigler is suing David Neal Guy for an auto collision that occurred on more than a year ago.
Case No. B179-400

Recent civil filings in Orange County District Courts

May 25
Loretta and Jerry G. Hughes Jr. vs Mobilepro Corporation et al
PA -- John Cash Smith, J -- Dennis Powell
The Hugheses owned an Internet service provider company in Orange, which they sold to Mobilepro in 2004. Plaintiffs say the sale also included the lease for equipment, which they claim has not been paid by the new owners. They accuse Mobilepro of committing fraud and seek the cost of the lease pay-off plus court costs.
Case No. B070-266-c

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