Ford to settle suits over Explorer rollovers

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 29, 2007

2001 Ford Explorer

Ford Motor Co. has agreed to a settlement that will put an end to all the outstanding lawsuits claiming its Explorer SUV is prone to rollovers.

According to the Associated Press, the settlement reached on Nov. 28 in Sacramento, Calif., applies to about one million people in Texas, California, Connecticut and Illinois involved in class action suits against the Dearborne, Mich.-based auto manufacturer. The settlement will be filed in Sacramento County Superior Court.

The settlement will allow vehicle owners to apply for $500 vouchers to buy new Explorers or $300 vouchers to buy other Ford or Lincoln Mercury products, and applies to Explorers from model years 1991 through 2001.

Consumers will be able to apply for the vouchers through a Web site starting Dec. 3 if a Sacramento judge gives preliminary approval to the settlement.

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