News from November 2007

Appeals court reopens dental malpractice suit, allows expert testimony regarding girl's brain damage

By Steve Korris | Nov 1, 2007

Appellate judges in Beaumont have reopened a dental malpractice suit that Judge Cara Wood of the 284th District Court in Montgomery County dismissed.

Nursing background led judge to question silicosis screenings

By Steve Korris | Nov 1, 2007

Judge Janis Jack When U. S. District Judge Janis Jack of Texas exposed 10,000 phony silicosis claims, her history as a nurse triggered a strong reaction to the shoddy practices of attorneys in her court and doctors who served them.

Legally Speaking: Truth is stranger than fiction

By John G. Browning | Nov 1, 2007

I recently wrote that as bizarre as the plots may get on legal dramas like "Boston Legal," the real-life happenings in the legal world are stranger than any fiction. Some readers challenged me to support that argument. Like any good lawyer, I'm happy to do so.

Parents sue over assault between minors

By David Yates | Nov 1, 2007

Unidentified local parents are claiming their minor child was assaulted by another minor child and are suing the assaulting child's parent.

Pipefitter sues Motiva after falling into pipe

By David Yates | Nov 1, 2007

A pipefitter who took a header into a pipe after cutting near an expansion joint is suing Motiva Enterprises for failing to provide safety information about its pipes.

Recent real estate foreclosures

By David Yates | Nov 1, 2007

-CitiFinancial Inc. has filed an application for foreclosure against the property of Adam and Gerogia Brannon, located at 3131 Hickory Groves, TX 77619.

Testimony continues in $3M Union Pacific wrongful death trial

By David Yates | Nov 1, 2007

"We don't have the authority to upgrade crossings," testified Union Pacific's manager of industry and public projects on Nov. 1, during the ongoing trial of Derrick Cezar et al vs. Union Pacific Railroad taking place in Judge Gary Sanderson's 60th District Court.

Returning vet sues Lowe's for termination, retaliation

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Nov 1, 2007

William Hommel Jr. MARSHALL � After being honorably discharged from the military, Josh Jones returned home to find that his previous employer, Lowe's, would not rehire him. After a lengthy investigation by the Veterans Department of the Labor Board, Jones was rehired but five months after returning to work, Jones was fired from Lowe's.

Cornyn urges Dems to approve tax bill

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 1, 2007

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn urged Senate Democrats to drop their objection of legislation that would help working families in Texas.

TX public-land boss says mountains unwanted

By Rob Luke | Nov 1, 2007

Jerry Patterson AUSTIN -- The office of Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says he didn't block the federal National Park Service (NPS) from acquiring a state-owned mountain range now up for sale.

At your own risk

By The SE Texas Record | Nov 3, 2007

Aimee Varner drowned while swimming at Smith Lake in Vidor last summer.

Defense says no proof of racial profiling in Dillard's trial

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 5, 2007

Washington & Ernster A defense lawyer for Dillard's told jurors that if they believed the plaintiffs' story about being assaulted at the department store by a security officer, then he had some swampland in Florida they might be interested in.

Trial ends in favorable verdict for both Port Arthur and Entergy

By David Yates | Nov 6, 2007

Carl Parker The trial of city of Port Arthur vs. Entergy Gulf States Inc. et al ended with a surprise Monday, Nov. 5, -- with a verdict that both the city and power company could call a victory.

Lovers quarrel ends up in court

By David Yates | Nov 6, 2007

It may sound like a cliche episode of Jerry Springer, but Dawn Gaudet is seeking a restraining order against her former domestic partner who threatened to blow her away with a shotgun.

Golf fan says AmEx bait-and-switch left Ryder Cup trip below par

By David Yates | Nov 6, 2007

Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin Burned by what he claims was a bait-and-switch ploy by his credit card company, Tommy Vance Vaccarrello is suing the American Express Co. for a trip to the Ryder Cup that fell below par.

Inmate files $25 M suit against state

By David Yates | Nov 6, 2007

Andre David Leffebre A local prisoner has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the state of Texas, alleging he was not made aware of the consequences of pleading guilty.

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