Medina gets break as DA cops earful

by Rob Luke |
Jan. 24, 2008, 4:12am

David Medina

AUSTIN -- Grand jurors have blasted a decision by a Houston-area District Attorney to dismiss their indictment of Texas Supreme Court Justice David C. Medina on arson-related charges.

Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal, as expected, has dropped all charges relating to the indictment of Medina on charges of evidence-tampering. Medina's wife was indicted on arson charges after a fire at the family home last June.

Three Harris County grand jury members spoke out after Rosenthal's dismissal, which came less than 24 hours after the indictment was unsealed. The grand jury will reconvene Wednesday to possibly re-indict Medina, although reports say the justice's lawyer is considering an attempt to have them disbanded if they do so.

Grand jury foreman Bob Ryan, assistant foreman Jeffrey Dorrell and juror Joann McCracken all criticized how quickly Rosenthal dismissed their indictment. McCracken also denied claims by Medina's lawyer that their indictment and reaction to its dismissal was politically motivated.

Rosenthal dismissed the charges against Medina for lack of evidence, although the indictments were partly based on traces of accelerant found at the fire scene. It is the second time in 10 years that a fire has been reported at Justice Medina's home.

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