This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Galveston County District Courts

By Shirley Willcock, Galveston Bureau | Feb 21, 2008

Feb. 13

  • Michael Fox v. Paula Patson & Ronald Patson

    PA - Michael Fox (pro se), J-Wayne Mallia. 405th District Court

    Michael Fox states that he received injuries when sleeping in his parked vehicle on the Seawall. Mr. Fox states that the Patsons' vehicle crashed into the Fox vehicle.

    Mr. Fox also states that the car crash was "staged," that his civil rights have been relentlessly violated, that he cannot get legal representation due to police and government that deny his civil rights, that unknown government agencies utterly attack the plaintiff everywhere the plaintiff went to live and enjoy, that he has been under surveillance for more than 20 years, and that he has fought these "sico sick government..."

    Case No. 08-CV-0100

  • Green Tree Servicing, LLC for Bank of America, N.A. et al. v. Lawrence Jenkins and Lula Iniguez

    PA - Johnson & Silver, LLP, J-Susan Criss

    On April 1, 1997, Jenkins negotiated the purchase of a manufactured house. Various divisions of the Bank of America, including BankAmerica Housing Services, became the secured lienholder by Retail Installment Contract and Title to the house.

    Since October 12, 2007, the Defendant Jenkins has failed and refused to make payments pursuant to the terms of the contract and security agreement. Indebtedness was then accelerated. As of January 31, 2008, Green Tree/ B.O.A. says that Jenkins owes $40,753.70 to the bank or whatever banking entity is foreclosing.

    At some time, Lawrence Jenkins attempted to transfer possession of the manufactured house to Lula Iniguez. Green Tree/B.O.A. says that Iniguez has no contractual relationship with Green Tree and that Iniguez must peacefully surrender the house to Green Tree.

    Green Tree says that after January 23, 2008, Greentree had the right to immediate possession, and Iniguez has assumed dominion and control over the house. Fair market value is now $31,380, and Iniguez is being sued.

    Green Tree seeks an order from District Court for the Sheriff to seize the house.

    Green Tree seeks payment of $40,753.70 and interest computed as if Jenkins had prepaid the contract in full. Reasonable attorney's fees are asked in the amount of $200.00 per hour.

    Case No. 08-CV-0139

  • Texas Mutual Insurance Co. in the name of and as subrogee of Volcanic Heater, Inc. and James K. White v. West Gulf Marine, Ltd.

    PA - Loren R. Smith, J - Wayne Mallia

    On September 9, 2005, James K. White fell through a catwalk and fractured his leg. At the time of the accident, White was in the course and scope of his employment with Volcanic Heater, Inc. Volcanic Heater was a contractor on the barge controlled by Defendant West Gulf Marine, Ltd.

    Accidental damages to Volcanic Heater and White were caused by Defendant's negligence, and it is liable for premises liability and White's actual damages. West Gulf Marine, Ltd. failed to warn White and to make the premises reasonably safe. Defendant's conduct breached the standard of care. Damages will be recoverable to White under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. (394 U.S. 404 - 1969).

    Texas Mutual Ins. Co. is subrogated to the rights of Volcanic Heater and White...and pursuant to Sec. 8(i) settlement agreement with White approved by the Dept. of Labor.

    Case No. 08-CV-0144

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