Feb. 19

  • Katherine Ferguson vs. Academy Sports and Outdoors

    PA - Woodson E. Dryden, J � Alfred Gerson

    During her lunch break, Katherine Ferguson went to the Beaumont Academy to exchange a pair of shoes. When she couldn't find anyone to help her, Ferguson, pressed for time, grabbed a footstool and attempted to snatch some sneakers of a high shelf. Ferguson lost her balance and fell.

    Injured, she has filed suit against Academy Sports and Outdoors, claiming the retailer "failed to warn her not to try and get the shoes on her own and without help." In addition to seeking medical compensation through Academy's insurance provider, Ferguson is suing the store for past and future mental anguish and lost earnings.

    Case No. 110310

  • Entergy Texas, Inc. vs. Glen E. Trout Company, Inc.

    PA � Paul Scheurich, J � Alfred Gerson

    Entergy Texas, Inc. has filed suit against Glen E. Trout Company, Inc., claiming a Glen employee damaged Entergy cables and transformers while operating a backhoe. Entergy claims the defendant caused at least $20,705.30 in actual damages and cost the electric company $174.89 in lost revenue.

    Case No. 110311

    Feb. 21

  • Delores Sonnier vs. IHOP

    PA � Kenneth Lewis, J � Gary Sanderson

    A slip in fall inside an IHOP "ladies room" has led Delores Sonnier to sue the popular pancake restaurant. Sonnier, who slipped in a puddle, claims the water on the floor "was not reasonable apparent to her" and IHOP and its managers should have warned her of "the dangerous condition." Sonnier is suing for past and future mental anguish, impairment and medical expenses.

    Case No. B181-290

  • Feb. 22

    Timothy Fregia vs. Dependable Lease Service et al

    PA - Mike Morris, J - Milton Shuffield

    Smacked in the face by a free-swinging pipe, Timothy Fregia claims, a pipe welder, claims Dependable Lease Services and Samson Lone Star, LLC failed to control the job site and negligently caused him injury.

    Fregia has filed suit against both companies. He is suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish, pain, impairment and loss of earning capacity.

    Case No. D181-296

    Feb. 25

  • Gwendolyn Marie Marks vs. Renaissance Hospital Inc.

    PA � Bruce Gregory, J � Gary Sanderson

    When an "overbearing" woman started demanded that a patient's medication be altered, Gwendolyn Marie Marks, a nurse at Renaissance Hospital, told her that she and her fellow nurses "could not alter medications without a doctor's order." Not satisfied with Marks' explanation, the "demanding" woman left and returned with Chris McMahon, her husband and hospital CEO.

    McMahon attempted to fire Marks, but was stopped by a review board. Several months later, McMahon successfully fired Marks for an alleged different infraction. On Feb. 25 Marks filed suit against Renaissance, claiming she was wrongfully terminated for following hospital procedures and inadvertently telling the boss's wife no.

    She is suing for actual, compensatory, consequential and punitive damages.

    Case No. B181-309

  • Robert Booker Sr. vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al

    PA-Bryan Blevins, J � Donald Floyd

    Failing to clairify if his client is suffering form an asbestos induced illness or dead, Provost Umphrey attorney Bryan Blevins filed a suit on Robert T. Booker's behalf against the A.O. Smith Corp. and 51 other companies.

    Case No. E181-310

    Feb. 26

  • Michelle McInnis vs. Wells Fargo Bank

    PA - Travis McCall, J � Milton Shuffield

    Dropping by her bank, Michelle McInnis exited her vehicle and stepped in a parking lot hole, which caused her to drop to the ground. Alleging the Gladys Wells Fargo Bank negligently failed to maintain its premises, McInnis has filed has filed suit.

    McInnis is suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish, impairment and loss of earning capacity.

    Case No. D181-322

  • Olevia Watson vs. Total Petrochemicals USA Inc. et al

    PA - D'Juana Parks, J - Donald Floyd

    The wife of a deceased refinery worker has filed suit against four oil companies claiming her husband was negligently exposed to benzene. Representing the estate of Arthur Watson, Olevia Watson filed suit against Total Petrochemicals USA, Atlantic Richfield Co., BP Amoco and BP Products North America. She is suing for exemplary damages.

    Case No. E181-326

  • Staci Eatman vs. Logan's Roadhouse

    PA - Gilbert T. Adams, J � Bob Wortham

    After dining at Logan's Roadhouse, Staci Eatman tripped over a piece of protruding metal while walking to her vehicle. Eatman claims she was injured because the restaurant negligently allowed a dangerous condition to exist on its premise. She has filed suit against Logan's Roadhouse, restaurant mananger Jerry Latour and CBL Parkdale Crossing � the company that owns the shopping center.

    Eatman is suing for compensatory and exemplary damages, plus past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and lost earnings.

    Case No. A181-324

    Feb. 27

  • Torrence Randolph et al vs. Kidney Center of Beaumont et al

    PA � Dan Packard, J � Milton Shuffield

    The children of the late Emma Lee Randolph claim the Kidney Center of Beaumont and several of its physicians allowed their mother to set her own waste while she received dialysis. Randolph's children allege the neglect contributed to her death. Torrence Randolph and three of his siblings filed the suit against the Kidney Center and two of its physicians, Dr. Shariq Ahmad and Dr. Mark Wilson.

    The Randolph children are suing for exemplary damages, plus their mother's past and future suffering.

    Case No. D181-335

    Feb. 29

  • Justin Bell vs. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company et al

    PA � Jonathan Harris, J � Gary Sanderson

    A QualiTech Maintenance employee has filed suit against Goodyear Tire, claiming he was instructed by a Goodyear manager to clean the company's bailer while the machine was running. In his suit, Bell injured his arm while cleaning the bailer.

    He claims he was instructed to clean the running machine even though Goodyear's policies prohibit such a dangerous action.

    Case No. B181-327

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