Letter to the Editor: UTSA alum reacts to Browning's column

By The SE Texas Record | Apr 30, 2008

As a UTSA Alum, I am dismayed by Mr. John Browning's recent article in the Southeast Texas Record (Legally Speaking: The World Turned Upside Down-Part 1).

I am assuming that you are unaware of the fact that the Express-News retracted the honor code plagiarism story.(http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/columnists/brichter/stories/MYSA040508.02A.NZ.State.2A_Richter_0405A.385e968.html)

Immediately after the story was published, the source quoted contacted both the Express-News and USA Today (who had also run the article) and indicated that he had been misquoted and in fact had been trying to convey to the reporter that plagirism did not occur.

Further, the reason why UTSA's Honor code matched that of Brigham Young University is because both schools attended the same student honor code conference where materials were handed out to the students and they were encouraged to adopt that draft as their own.

But most egregious is that you mentioned Akshay. Akshay had been involved in the honor code project for exactly four weeks when the story ran. The "controversial" draft was submitted when he was still in high school... long before he decided to donate his time and talents to his university.

Perhaps sir, the "bonehead of the month award" should go to you for failing to check your own sources and your own facts before you cited an inaccurate article.

A. Dumulong

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