TEXARKANA, Texas -- A Bowie County couple claims it owns 10 acres that have been claimed by a Louisiana family.

William L. and Patsy M. Parker filed suit against Evelina, Stevie and Luther Stowe, individually and doing business as Stowe Farms Inc., on Feb. 24 in the 102nd District Court of Bowie County. The defendants removed the case to the federal court in the Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana division.

The Stowe family lives in Louisiana and defendant Stowe Farms LLC is a Texas limited liability company but has the citizenship of its members.

The plaintiffs allege that the difference between the value of the premises with the defendant's improvements and without such improvements is $215,000.

The plaintiffs also allege "good-faith adverse possession of the above described property, or that they are entitled to reimbursement for improvements made to the property, while in good-faith possession of the land."

The plaintiffs allege that they are fee simple owners and therefore are entitled to the possession of the 10 acres in Bowie County.

New Boston attorney Kyle B. Davis of the law firm Langdon Davis is representing the plaintiff.

Case No 5:10cv00053

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