GALVESTON - After he was reportedly forced out of a gaming venture, a Georgia man has filed suit against the entity and his former business partner.

Ronald Ally claims Lucky Coin Inc. and Glenda McClennan shut him out of running a Bacliff gaming room called Lucky You, and failed to pay the plaintiff his rightful share of the profits.

The suit was filed Nov. 16 in Galveston County District Court.

Court papers explain that Ally and defendant McClennan entered into an oral agreement at the beginning of this year to operate the gaming room.

 As part of the agreement, Lucky Coin owned 50 per cent of the partnership while 25 per cent belonged to McClennan and the remaining 25 per cent was under Ally's name.

Lucky Coin would be responsible for the construction of the building while McClennan worked the game room and the Ally obtained the licenses and permits and performed managerial duties, according to the complaint.

"The partners agreed to share profits from the business according to their ownership percentage, with said profits to be distributed on a monthly basis," the suit says.

Three months ago, the parties met at the business. It was during this meeting in which Ally was informed that he was no longer a partner, the suit says.

The complainant claims that he has not received any of the regularly scheduled profit-sharing disbursements.

"He has reason to believe that the business is still operating and that McClennan and Lucky Coin, Inc. are still receiving profits from the business," the suit says.

Ally consequently seeks unspecified monetary damages.

He is represented by Patel, Warren & Ervin PLLC.

Galveston County 122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor is presiding over the case.

Case No. 10-cv-4169

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