GALVESTON - Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Dickinson alleges it was underpaid for Hurricane Ike damage to its facilities and is suing Central Mutual Insurance Co., National Catastrophe Adjusters Inc., and agents Wayne Hotsinpiller, David Eggen and Lauren Tait.

In a lawsuit filed Nov. 22 in Galveston County District Court, the church claims it experienced a delay in its ability to fully rebuild its premises as a result of the defendants' alleged mishandling and mismanagement of a storm damage claim, a lawsuit filed Nov. 22 in Galveston County District Court says.

Ike, a Category 2 hurricane, made landfall on Galveston Island on Sept. 13, 2008, and inflicted damage to the plaintiff's roof, interior and frame. The plaintiff consequently filed a claim to CMIC, asking for coverage on repair costs.

CMIC assigned NCA to adjust the claim, which in turn was charged to Hotsinpiller, Eggen and Tait.

The suit argues that Hotsinpiller and Eggen conducted substandard reports of the church grounds while Tait failed to thoroughly review their assessments thus ultimately approved an inaccurate report on the damages.

"As a result of these defendants' unreasonable investigation, the plaintiff was considerably underpaid on its claim and has suffered damages," the original petition states.

"To this date, the plaintiff has yet to receive the full payment it is entitled to under the policy."

Consequently, the plaintiff seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Greater New Hope is represented by The Mostyn Law Firm.

The case has been assigned to Galveston County 212th District Court Judge Susan Criss.

Case No. 10-cv-4202

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