Robbie Raggo has filed suit against Allen Samuels Chrysler, alleging the dealership wrongly told her there was nothing wrong with her vehicle, but it quit running four days later.

The suit was filed Jan. 19 in Jefferson County District Court.

Court records show that in late May, Raggo was operating her 2008 Dodge pickup when the check engine light came on and the oil pressure gauge registered low. She was out of town at the time and took the truck to a Jasper dealership and told to take it back to the Beaumont dealership.

At Allen Samuels Chrysler, she was told nothing was wrong with the truck, "despite the warning indications."

"Approximately four days later, plaintiff's truck stalled and again the check engine ... light came on," the suit states. "The truck was taken back to Allen Samuels where it was determined that the engine was damages to the extent that it needed to be repaired."

Raggo claims the dealership is guilty of deceptive trade practices and is suing for actual and treble damages, plus attorney's fees.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 63rd District Court, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. B189-194

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