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Alleged drunken altercation at John Wayne’s bar now focus of trial in JC

BEAUMONT – Nearly four years ago, an allegedly intoxicated male got rough with Kacy Culp at John Wayne’s – an altercation she wants to pin on the Magnolia bar.

Texas Judicial Council admits widespread non-compliance by guardians of senior citizens and people with disabilities

AUSTIN - The Texas Judicial Council recently announced to the House of Representatives last week in Washington, D.C. that 43 percent of adult guardianship cases in the state of Texas are out of compliance with reporting requirements.

Ferguson Law Firm nabs 2 of 2017’s top 100 verdicts in U.S.

BEAUMONT - The Ferguson Law Firm placed two verdicts within the Top 100 Verdicts of 2017 – no other law firm in the U.S. was able to top the firm’s showing.

Justices question whether Russell Budd’s testimony on asbestos memo still exists

HOUSTON – If a 20-year old court record, which may or may not be an actual court record, no longer exists, how can jurisdiction exist – is the question justices raised in an asbestos case that’s even caught the attention of Texas’ chief lawyer.

Tumble down the stairs results in $1M suit against Republic Chicken

BEAUMONT – A lack of a second handrail allegedly caused a Hardin County woman to tumble down the stairs at a local restaurant.

Order of non-suit entered in suit alleging tortious interference with a contract

HOUSTON — An order of non-suit has been entered in litigation brought by an electric service provider who sued a competitor and former employees for tortious interference with a contract.

Walter Umphrey ‘seduced’ and ‘swindled’ by mistress, trial lawyer’s wife files $2M suit

HOUSTON – The wife of one of Texas’ most famous plaintiff’s attorneys is suing a woman who allegedly “engages in behavior designed to target, seduce and then defraud wealthy men.”

Opioid lawyers pumped $110K into LaHood’s campaign after Bexar County DA hired them

SAN ANTONIO – Although he lost in the Democratic Primary last month, Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood had his campaign bolstered with $110,000 in contributions from lawyers he hired to represent the county in an opioid lawsuit.

JC jury awards plaintiff $1.1M in fatal wreck suit, defendant driver was allegedly intoxicated

BEAUMONT – A Jefferson County jury was awarded $1.1 million in damages to a Hardin County woman, who lost her husband when an alleged drunk driver struck and killed her husband as he changed a tire.

New study says rights of Texans being violated, SC allowing guardianship system to violate ADA

AUSTIN - A new study by the Spectrum Institute has determined that the Supreme Court of Texas is allowing the adult guardianship system throughout the to operate in violation of the mandates of the ADA and Section 504.

Flaming dump truck results in suit against Beaumont

BEAUMONT – The city of Beaumont is being sued by an employee claiming he was injured when a dump truck caught fire two years ago.

Church seeks entry of final judgment in breach of contract suit

BEAUMONT – An area church hit with a half a million-dollar breach of contract suit two years ago is asking a district judge to enter a final judgment that awarded the plaintiff around $70,000.

Fatal crash lawsuit goes to trial in Beaumont, defendant was allegedly intoxicated

BEAUMONT – In February 2016, a Hardin County woman filed suit against a Beaumont motorist, alleging his negligence while driving drunk caused a car crash that injured her and killed her husband.

Beaumont attorney John Morgan sues San Antonio law firm, former client, then moves to dismiss the very next day

BEAUMONT – The very next day after filing a petition for damages and request for an injunction against a San Antonio law firm and a former client, the Morgan Law Firm filed a motion to dismiss.

Justices conclude trial court should have dismissed discrimination claim against UT Health

HOUSTON – The First Court of Appeals recently concluded that a trial court should have dismissed a discrimination claim brought against the UT Health Science Center-Houston.

Petition investigating Houston ISD to continue, magnet coordinator allegedly elbowed 5-year old in the face and fractured jaw

HOUSTON – The 14th Court of Appeals recently affirmed a ruling keeping the Houston Independent School District from escaping a pre-suit petition seeking to investigate how a 5 year old had his jaw fractured while being escorted to the principal’s office.

Asbestosis death result of employment with Texaco, suit alleges

BEAUMONT – An asbestos lawsuit has been brought against Chevron USA and Texaco.

Slip & fall against Beaumont McDonald’s settles before trial, plaintiffs sought $1M in damages

BEAUMONT – Before a jury could be selected, a slip and fall lawsuit brought by a Jefferson County woman and her child against a local McDonald’s restaurant settled.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform launches redesigned website

AUSTIN—On March 29, Texans for Lawsuit Reform launched its newly updated and redesigned website, The site serves as a one-stop resource for lawsuit reform news and analysis, as well as the definitive record on Texas’ historic work to make its legal system fair, efficient and accountable, a press release states.

Records show all-out, unsolicited attorney scramble to sign up Texas counties for opioid litigation

BEAUMONT – A new lawyer feeding frenzy has swept through Texas – a rush to push counties onboard the opioid litigation train before the state can pull into the station.