GALVESTON - A local man who claims a house remodeler invaded his privacy has entered a motion to nonsuit into his case.

J. Cameron Earley submitted the three-page motion Aug. 18 in Galveston County Court at Law No. 2, disposing his lawsuit against Spiros Charalambous.

Earley sued Charalambous, doing business as Charalambous Custom Homes and Cabinets, two months ago after the home builder allegedly used pictures of the interior of Earley's home and his pets for an advertisement without his permission.

According to the original petition, Charalambous visited Earley on June 11, 2009, to show him a "trailer wrap" of his work trailer when the plaintiff saw images he insists were not approved for the defendant's use.

The suit asserts Charalambous placed Earley's personal safety and private property in harm, stating the respondent's alleged actions are "an invasion of privacy and misappropriation for commercial use."

The complainant cites a state law forbidding the misappropriation of images for commercial use.

He says that the defendant "has not provided monetary compensation for the use of the images and the resulting profits made from the use, advertisement or suggestion of reference."

Charalambous filed an original answer two weeks prior to Earley tendering his motion.

Cause No. 65,438

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