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Med-mal complaints consolidated, set for trial

In the span of three months, Katherine Meguess filed two separate suits against Dr. Craig Charleston and his practice, Coastal Pain Care, claiming he failed to timely report MRI findings that would have detected her lung cancer.

Judge orders benzene defendants into mediation with plaintiffs

Brown A local judge on Wednesday ordered Texaco and several other companies into mediation with plaintiff Mark Majors, who sued over benzene exposure.

County still seeking dismissal from Glen Morgan's suit over property appraisal

More than two years after filing its first motion for dismissal, the Jefferson County Appraisal District is still arguing that a well-known Beaumont attorney, who sued over the property value of his private plane hangar, doesn't have a case.

City wins appeal in Mathews case; Appellate judges reverse arbitrator's decision

The 9th Court of Appeals today reversed an arbitrator's decision reinstating James Mathews as a firefighter with the Beaumont Fire Department.

Man sues over injury from Mardi Gras tent

Area resident Frederick Jones has filed suit against Mardi Gras Southeast Texas and AAA Rentals, alleging he was injured when a Mardi Gras tent fell on him during the March festival.

Mother claims couple injured daughter

On behalf of her minor daughter, Minh Thi Lee has filed suit against Alisha and Jonathan Benitez.

Passenger sues PA over collision with fire truck

Port Arthur resident James Trail is suing the city he resides in for injuries he received when a vehicle he was riding in collided with a fire truck.

Lowe's sued for selling toxic ceiling fan

On behalf of their minor daughter Jenna, Scott and Sherry Wade have filed suit against Lowe's Home Centers, alleging the company sold them a ceiling fan which emitted toxic formaldehyde.

Defendant says man died from pre-existing cardiac condition, not wreck

GALVESTON - A League City woman who was blamed for causing a three-vehicle accident which killed one man has submitted an affirmative motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit against her.

Bad facts, bad verdict, good outcome--five years later

Merck & Co. stopped selling Vioxx in 2004 because of its potential to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Its withdrawal from the market prompted thousands of users and alleged users of this anti-inflammatory drug to sue the company.

Car owner not liable for borrower's drunk driving crash, Texas SC rules

AUSTIN � Tugboat owners whose workers borrowed each other's cars share no liability for a fatal crash one of them caused, the Supreme Court of Texas decided on Aug. 26.

Texas SC tackles definition of 'prevailing party'

Hecht AUSTIN � Contracts that provide legal fees for prevailing parties don't necessarily apply when plaintiffs nonsuit without prejudice, six Supreme Court Justices decided on Aug. 26.

Oilfield worker sues dirt work company after falling in mud

LUFKIN - A Mississippi worker claims a muddy worksite in Livingston led to a severe back injury and has filed a lawsuit against the company responsible for the dirt work.

Woman sues Wal-Mart after injury to buttocks

A Kirbyville resident is suing a Jasper Wal-Mart after she injured her buttocks when she slipped and fell.

Pregnant employee files a lawsuit after losing job

SHERMAN - An Hispanic female has filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming she was fired in favor of a non-pregnant, non-Hispanic and less qualified employee.

Longshoremen sue over injuries from falling beam

After suffering severe neck injuries from a falling beam, two longshoremen have filed a lawsuit against their employer for failing to provide a safe place to work and adequate equipment.

Lawsuit alleges mood disorder drug causes diabetes

MARSHALL - A Texas man claims he developed diabetes from a drug he took to treat a psychiatric disorder.

White supervisor files racial discrimination suit against employer

SHERMAN - A white supervisor has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against his employer, claiming he was demoted for no reason and replaced by a less experienced African-American employee.

Georgia-Pacific sued for firing employee who requested medical leave

LUFKIN - A Georgia-Pacific employee has filed a lawsuit against the railroad after he lost his job only a week after requesting medical leave.

Woman alleges she was terminated because of surgery

Hill SHERMAN - A Texas woman has filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against her employer after she allegedly lost her job due to facial reconstruction surgery.