GALVESTON - A local coffee shop owner suing over construction problems has new legal representation.

Galveston County 122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor granted Alison Rabinovitz's motion to substitute Houston attorney Lori E. Laird with attorney Connica M. Lemond, also of Houston, on Nov. 15.

The move comes eight days after Rabinovitz, doing business as Judge Roy Beans Coffee Saloon, submitted the request with Laird's consent.

Rabinovitz filed suit against Bernie Havey last May, complaining the consultant is bent on defrauding her business.

According to the plaintiff, Havey committed acts ranging from deceptive trade to breach of contract.

The defendant was brought in to assist Rabinovitz, supervise build-out, create plans and provide equipment for Judge Roy Beans Coffee Saloon.

The complainant was confident of his knowledge and experience in the industry thus she trusted him to oversee the project, the original petition says.

Court papers from more than six months ago assert Havey, however, did not fulfill his responsibilities to the business as time went on, insisting his alleged misdeeds led to financial damages and a long delay in the grand opening of the shop.

An original answer to Rabinovitz's allegations was entered on June 1.

Case No. 11-cv-781

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