GALVESTON - A local state district judge granted a Minnesota man's request for a temporary restraining order in a recent lawsuit over disputed profits generated from the sale of munitions trailers.

Galveston County 212th District Court Judge Susan Criss issued a TRO on May 11 stating Armed Forces Marketing Consultants Inc. cannot use or disburse funds it may receive from WASP Inc., recent court records show.

George Prill, doing business as G & S Associates, is suing AFMC after the latter informed him last month that it was severing all ties with him after a decade of business in response to alleged breach of contract.

Both parties had a contract dating back to June 7, 2002, in relation to the sale of munitions trailers to the U.S. Air Force.

The subject agreement called for AFMC to pay 50 percent of all commissions or royalties received from the transactions, of which the funds were paid by WASP.
WASP is not a party to the case.

According to the original petition, Prill believes the defendant had complied with the 50 percent payment clause in the contract from its inception until regular payments were stopped when the Air Force halted acceptance of trailers until modifications could be made.

Such action enabled WASP to build a large inventory of trailers and a backlog to be built to complete said contract this year, the suit says.

It adds "AFMC could anticipate receiving substantial payments during 2012," which would be the final payments under the WASP contract with the Air Force.

The respondent, however, accused Prill of breaching his agreement with it and subsequently had no benefits paid to him.

Prill "vehemently" refutes AFMC's allegations, stating the defendant itself committed breach of contract by withholding his share.

An independent escrow account was established to prevent the respondent from making withdrawals as part of the TRO.

A jury trial is requested.

The complainant is represented by The Law Offices of Kerry L. Neves.

Case No. 12-cv-1201

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