To the Editor:

RE: Hot water spill leads to lawsuit against Popeye's

At Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, our hope is that our courts will be used for justice, not greed, and that those who are truly injured don't have to wait in line behind frivolous, abusive cases before receiving their day in court.

While we don't know all the details of the recent hot liquid litigation against Popeyes, it is certainly difficult not to compare this case to the infamous McDonald's lawsuit which has been strongly derided across the country.

The public (often rightly) perceives these types of lawsuits as a thinly-veiled play for deep pockets and a questionable use of public resources, rather than a legitimate pursuit of justice. And who can blame them? From our perspective, it seems a little common-sense, and a dose of personal responsibility, would go along way to solving some of these issues without tying up plaintiffs and defendants in protracted and often costly legal battles.


Jennifer Harris
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas

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