HOUSTON - Alleging she was sexually harassed as well as physically attacked before being terminated, Houston resident Jamenice Dabney-Davis has filed a lawsuit.

According to recent court documents filed July 30 in Houston federal court, Dabney-Davis was fired from her wheelchair escort position with Gateway Frontline Services Inc. after she complained about unwanted sexual advances from her supervisor Denise Moshay.

Moshay joins Gateway as a co-defendant in the suit.

The suit explains that Moshay subjected the plaintiff to "sexual comments, illicit sexual invitations, and unwanted physical touching" earlier this year, stating she continuously resisted to no avail.

Dabney-Davis told Moshay she was going to report her if she did not stop with the harassment, but the supervisor "began to exhibit hostilities toward (her)," the original petition states.

The complainant further claims Moshay contacted her on the radio and requested she come to her office as a front to an assault.

"When Dabney-Davis entered the office, Iricka Spencer (a co-worker) physically attacked Davis including but not limited to spitting in Dabney-Davis's face and slapping her," the suit says.

It adds Moshay coordinated and witnessed the event in question without offering any assistance to the plaintiff.

Gateway terminated the complainant shortly afterwards.

"Moshay orchestrated the physical attack on Dabney-Davis by Spencer in retaliation for Dabney-Davis declining Moshay's sexual advances," the suit says.

The plaintiff blames the company for enabling and allowing Moshay to harass her.

Consequently, Dabney-Davis seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

She is represented by attorney Katrina S. Patrick with the Law Offices of Katrina S. Patrick in Houston.

Case No. 4:12-cv-2271

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