Defendants deny responsibility for woman's accident

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Aug 21, 2012


GALVESTON - The defendants in a local woman's lawsuit arising from a two-vehicle wreck near the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston last year have each submitted original answers.

Galveston local Danny James Cobb, the University of Texas System and Tellepsen Builders L.P. filed their rebuttals to Sandra Kim's case July 25 before the Galveston County 212th District Court.

Kim sued Cobb last month after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into hers at the intersection of 13th Street and Market Street on July 1, 2011.

The original petition shows Cobb "drove his vehicle out into the intersection of 13th Street and Market Street directly in front of or into the motor vehicle of the plaintiff" despite the complainant having the right of way.

It adds the area contained real property undergoing construction at the time, stating "the placement of fencing and other objects used in that construction obstructed the view of persons traveling on 13th from seeing traffic traveling on Market Street."

Kim insists she "had no way of knowing about the dangerous condition created by the construction."

Tellepsen Builders LP and the University of Texas System join Cobb as defendants in the case.

In Cobb's response, he insists "a third party whom (he) had no control was guilty of various acts and omissions constituting third party negligence."

Cobb additionally asserts the collision in question "was the result of an unavoidable accident."

Meanwhile, Tellepsen and the UT System contend that Kim brought forth the alleged incident.

Attorney Tammi J. Enochs with the Law Offices of Kelly J. O'Connor in San Antonio is representing Cobb.

Tellepsen and the UT System is represented by attorney Ritu Gupta with the Law Office of Richard F. Werstein in Houston.

Case No. 12-cv-1472

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