GALVESTON - La Marque local Daniel Guidry is suing CenterPoint Energy Inc. after it reportedly harassed him for suffering an injury, recent court documents say.

A lawsuit filed Oct. 23 in the Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division claims Guidry hurt his left foot off the job on July 23, 2011, and while he was on medical leave, the defendant began efforts to terminate him.

CEI hired Guidry in July 2006 as a C & M mechanic.

The suit explains the injury in question separated his left foot and rendered him permanently disabled, stating he spent time in the hospital and underwent serious injuries.

Upon Guidry's return to duty, the complaint says, his co-workers and superiors treated him differently because of his supposed disability.

Guidry asserts the respondent coerced two co-workers into signing a letter that falsely accused him of talking on a cell phone while driving a company truck and texting while working in a gaseous atmosphere.

The documentation caused Guidry to suffer adverse employment actions of which he filed a human resources complaint.

He then sought assistance from his union only to be purportedly assaulted by his manager, the suit says.

Guidry shows said manager was convicted on assault charges, but the defendant still retained him and enabled the apparent harassment.

According to the original petition, more false accusations were made against the plaintiff.

Guidry's work life was turned into "a living Hell" as the complainant faced mounting disciplinary action "for various and sundry reasons," it states.

CEI's reported misconduct eventually inflicted post-traumatic stress disorder upon Guidry, who is currently on sick leave and under his doctor's orders at the time the subject litigation was initiated.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Thomas H. Padgett Jr. of Bellaire is representing Guidry.

Case No. 3:12-CV-313


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