GALVESTON - Bartholomew Granger's daughter spoke Wednesday before jurors in his capital murder trial.

Samantha Jackson recounted the morning of March 14, 2012, in which Granger, 42, allegedly fired a rifle at her and her mother, Claudia Jackson, as they and the defendant's estranged wife walked to the Jefferson County Courthouse from an adjacent parking lot.

Claudia Jackson, 38, was hit in the buttocks while, Samantha, her eldest child with Granger, sustained more serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Deweyville resident Minnie Ray Sebolt, 79, suffered fatal wounds as she and a relative were about to enter the courthouse.

The Jacksons stated they gave testimony that was adverse to Granger in his sexual assault of a child trial the day before the shootings. The women were returning to the courthouse March 14 to speak with an assistant district attorney.

According to the Samantha Jackson, she saw something odd in the form of a person running toward from her right side, that person turning out to be her father.

Granger carried a long black gun and shot at her mother, the 22-year-old testified.

Samantha Jackson said she loudly yelled "No" several times in a futile attempt to get her father to stop shooting at her and her mother.

She testified that her father shot her in the leg.

"I could not get up because my leg was too weak," Samantha Jackson said.

"Looking up toward the sky, I felt another shot."

She testified that Granger then proceeded to run her over with his pickup truck. She emphasized that she was in a "tremendous" amount of pain which caused her to lose consciousness.

Claudia Jackson stressed that the incident rendered her daughter comatose for three months as well as negatively affected her mental state.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Granger, who entered a not guilty plea April 22.

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